SYTYCD: A Live Recap!

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The TOp Four wait anxiously <br>credit: Mathieu Young/FOX

The Top Four wait anxiously credit: Mathieu Young/FOX

Missed So You Think You Can Dance‘s live season finale last night? TV Divagal was right there! Here’s a play-by-play of the electrifying broadcast. Watch it again and read along! (Warning: the winner is revealed!)

7:25 p.m. I arrive at the Kodak Theatre inside the Hollywood and Highland mall complex and try on a dress at BCBG. Hotness!

7:55. Nestled in my seat inside the theater with more than 3000 SYTYCD screaming fans, host Cat Deely shoots intros, then apologizes for turning her back to the audience to do it. Could she be any nicer?

8:04. I get to say “judges” on live TV!

8:08. SYTYCD gives a trip down memory lane with highlights from the season, including David “Sex” Soller. He’ll be back for season six, I’m sure, and prolly make it Vegas this time. He’s wearing Nigel Lythgoe down!

8:12. Cat flubs a line, but she covers it nicely. What a professional.

8:14. Last night’s recap! I missed the broadcast, so I’m actually grateful for this.

8:20: Gosh, I miss Phillip Chbeeb.

8:25. One word: Janette! Honey, you were robbed!

8:28. The cast of Glee is here. They had a TCA panel this afternoon. How come I didn’t get a ride here from them?

8.33. OMG, thought Vitolio was going to toss Asuka off the stage at the end of their waltz. She was very close to the edge.

8:45. The final four get a private screening of the remake of Fame, which opens the day before my birthday, Sept. 25. Need gift ideas, anyone?…

8:50. Love seeing the Top 16 Hip-Hop/Salsa fusion dance live, yet there’s no water on stage. The warm-up guy tells us the cast pre-recorded the dance for broadcast, and still performed it for us. What a crew!

8:58: There’s no kissing in Bollywood, Jason and Caitlin!

9:00. Cat announces Kayla Radomski as the fourth place runner-up. During commercial break, Nigel runs over to hug her very proud grandparents. Sweet.

9:10. Just give me that big old butt, yeah! (Though there’s nothing big about it, Randi!)

9:18. Could Brandon and Jeanine catch their breath out of their final four Paso Double before they eliminate another contestant? Nope…

9:20. Evan Kasprzak is announced at the third runner-up. He actually looks relieved.

9:21. Evan runs off stage to hug his family, and of course, his brother and mentor Ryan. SCOOP! Ryan is on his way to Vegas this weekend to compete for a spot in season six!

9:30. SYTYCD brought back the Rage Boys Crew, and that little boy is tossed across the stage again. Wonder if his mom has a heart attack every time they do that stunt!

It's your "judges!" <BR> Credit: Mathieu Young

It's your "judges!" Credit: Mathieu Young

9:45. The Chorus Line number featuring the judges is also pre-recorded. Like Mary Murphy would have had time to slip out of all those diamonds.

Who will win? <br> credit: Mathieu Young/FOX

Who will win? credit: Mathieu Young/FOX

9:50. Less ten minutes to go to the winner. Will it be Brandon or Jeanine? I’m rooting for Brandon, especially after what Mia Michaels said that morningΓǪ

9:54. They’re actually going to announce it now (and have time for the credits to roll!) And the winner isΓǪ

Jeanine Wins! <br> credit: Mathieu Young/FOX

Jeanine Wins! credit: Mathieu Young/FOX

9:55. Jeanine Mason! Congrats, girl. Love how she thanked the Academy.

9:56. Confetti rains down on the stage. And the TV Divagal is thoroughly satisfied!

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