How To Glow-Up 2024! Say Hello to Smooth, Chafe-Free Skin With Perfect Stride!

By   |   April 17, 2024

Hey DivaGals! Springtime is among us, and I don’t know about y’all, but I’m trying to get in shape before the summer. Of course, we have to keep that skin looking good and feeling smooth simultaneously, but if you’re anything…

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How To Glow Up In 30 Days This April! Join Us To Look, Feel And Be Your Best In 30 Days!

By   |   April 1, 2024

It’s April, but I’m no fool. Summer is just around the corner and I’ve got a super packed schedule of cruising, beach getaways and a very special trip to the Kentucky Derby planned. I want to make sure that my…

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5 Divalicious Ways To Stay in Shape And Embrace Wellness Through The Holiday Season

By   |   December 13, 2023

Hi DivaGals! I wanted to eat right and work out during the holidays, but with food all around and family and friends encouraging me to indulge, it seemed like an impossible endeavor. Determined to stay in shape and focus on…

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black woman exercise

Metformin for Weight Loss? Here’s What You Need to Know

By   |   October 1, 2023

There are many ways to achieve weight loss and weight management these days. Most people rely on weight loss hacks such as staying hydrated to speed up their metabolism and reducing consumption of sweetened or calorie-dense drinks. Others sneak bits…

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Love & Design Project Podcast on PBN

ImageGal’s Best Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy for February Heart Month. Plus: New Podcast!

By   |   February 16, 2023

Hello, DivaGals! As many of you know, our own ImageGal, Samantha Bessudo Drucker is a heart attack survivor. She’s shared her story on many occasions to keep us all informed on the best ways to keep your heart healthy. Watch…

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happy black woman smiling eyes closed

New Year. New You! Tips On How “To Improve My Breathing” To Improve My Life

By   |   January 7, 2023

Breathing is something that we all do, all the time, every day. It’s important for keeping us alive, but most of us don’t really give much conscious thought to each breath that we take. However, breathing isn’t just an important…

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HEALTHY DIVA: Are you a Pear or an Apple?

By   |   August 9, 2012

Our newest contributor, Dr. Janna Andrews, breaks down your body shape and how to keep it healthy! Women and men around the world consider a small waistline to be desirable; however, a small waistline is ideal, not just for cosmetic…

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FITNESS GAL: Boost Up Your Booty!

By   |   July 23, 2012

Today is Booty Boot Boot day! The goal is to keep your glutes tight, no matter what, even when you’re cooped up in the office. Here’s some help tips to get your booty in check! The elevator is not your…

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By   |   February 29, 2012

Image Gal Samantha von Sperling moves on to week two in her bid to lose 20! Great news! I have lost 5 pounds. This week, I am adding SENSA Weight-Loss System to my program, courtesy of SENSA. It’s an olfactory-based…

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