The Benefits Of Sound Bath: What It Is And Why It Works (My Personal Story!)

By   |   May 26, 2022   |   Fitness
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Samantha Bessudo Drucker, the author of 90 Days To Husband No. 2 and a certified Scoop instructor, shares how to get back on a productive track with this ancient healing technique.

Need a tune-up to boost your energy? Try a sound bath. I was feeling sluggish. I seemed to be hanging on to the lingering pandemic weight that I could not shake. I also had all the wrong cravings at night to further compound the stress, anxiety, fatigue and frustration I had been feeling. My cousin Ann Bessudo is a well-established sound bath healer. She introduced me to a friend and colleague of hers, David Kennet. Although I was skeptical, he came so highly recommended that I had to keep an open mind.

I invited David over for a coffee because it was raining and I didn’t even have the energy to go down the street to meet him. The first thing I noticed is that David had really nice energy. He is friendly and kind and truly on a quest to help people heal themselves. I know from my own line of work as a consultant that when a client tells me they have a problem, there is often an underlying issue that is causing it. I told him I was feeling weighed down and heavy, so tired and frustrated. He said he could see dark cloud-like energy just hovering around my shoulders like a boa constrictor. Then he whipped out his phone and aimed it at me. “You’re vibrating only at 3 billion. You need a tuneup. Let’s crank you up to 4.5 billion.”

“Ok!” I said not understanding this form of measurement at all but believing that an energy tuneup sounded like a good idea. “Sure! Crank me up!” Lying on the carpet of my barely unpacked new apartment, David started doing some sound and voice work. He uses his voice to create the sound bath vibrations that unblock whatever you have going on. As his voice vibrated in song, he hovered over me with his hand and gave me mantras to heal myself while literally pulling the negative energy from my body. It was coming out of the soles of my feet and when he covered his hand over my chest, I literally felt myself become lighter as I might levitate.

The next morning I literally jumped out of bed at 6 am ready to attack the day! In two or three hours I had moved the needle forward on multiple projects. I was feeling good. I even did physical therapy exercises that I usually dread because they are hard and sometimes painful. This time? No problem. “It’s just a fluke,” I thought. But the next day, the day after that and all week long, I had massive amounts of energy and a positive feeling. I am now vibrating and operating on a much higher frequency and I feel it shows. I’m on top of everything and my appetite is under control. I’m feeling a little less puffy. Even my girlfriends have commented that my energy changes are noticeable. I also received mantras to recite every day anytime I needed to access them. My favorite is “I’m a badass,” because it’s true!

Having an open mind to the benefits of sound bath healing is real. I have seen radiology images of cancer cells reportedly exploding through multiple sound bath treatments. Sound bath vibrations can help to unblock you, tune-up your energy and help your body heal itself. David’s prices are $250 for a 90-minute private session or $200 for an hour which includes about a 15-minute assessment. Reach out at or 323-770-6724.

I’ve become such a big believer. I hope to host a small sound bath event soon. Stay tuned for details!

photo credit: frenkelrita @ flickr

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