The Biggest Loser's Michael: Ashley and I Not a Couple!

By   |   May 26, 2010   |   Entertainment

mventrellalosertrae-pattonnbc1We all know that being on the The Biggest Loser isn’t just good for your waistline ΓÇô it’s great for your love life.

Which is why TV DivaGal wanted to know if newly crowned winner Michael Ventrella, who lost more than half of his starting weight of 526, is now concentrating on finding someone special!

“My love life is non-existent,” he declares, adding that he’s focusing inward before he tries to connect with another person.

“I haven’t done that ever. I never learned how to respect myself and take care of me,” he confesses. “Before I learn how to love somebody else, I need to learn how to love myself. I’m not completely there yet, because I’m still not done with my journey. The finale for The Biggest Loser was last night, but the finale for my weight lost is yet to come.”

Okay Michael, we hear you. But you and runner-up Ashley Johnston did seem to have some chemistry going on there during the series run.

“Our relationship is special like that,” Michael says, “We flirt, we joke around and get a rise out of people when they ask are you dating, we just giggle.”

Michael also formed a special kinship with Ashley because she reminded him of his high school sweetheart, Jeanine, who passed away last year.

“Jeanine was just a beautiful girl, and she and Ashley share so many characteristics the same. They look the same: both blond and both vibrant young women, and I loved Jeanine. There was big void within me because she was my good friend, and when I met Ashley, it was reincarnate.”

And Michael does fess up to an attraction between him and the bubbly blond, “physically, characteristically, mind, soul and spirit,” but adds that they they are past the notion of a hook-up. “We talked about it, and it just wouldn’t work,” he confesses.

Of course, with Michael ready about to kick up his workout to add more muscle building exercises so “my arms will get bigger and my waist will get smaller and my legs will get toner,” he shares, Ashley may want to rethink that decision!

photo credit: Trae Patton/NBC

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  1. Patricia
    Friday, May 28th, 2010
    Thanks for the well-thought article. I'm actually at work at the moment! So I need to go off without reading all I'd like. But, I put your site on my yahoo feed so that I can read even more.
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