The Class Alum Jason Ritter: Back on TV?

By   |   October 20, 2009   |   Entertainment
Top of the class!

Top of the class!

TV DivaGal still curses the day CBS took The Class off the air. Okay, I admit it; ever since I first saw adorable Jason Ritter head up the series, I was hooked!

Lucky for me, the cutie actor wouldn’t mind popping up on its replacement, The Big Bang Theory, which has become a hit for the network. “I would be honored to be a part of that,” says Jason, who’s actually auditioning for several upcoming TV pilots.

If you can’t wait until next fall to find out if Jason scored a new TV gig, you can check him out in the new Indie film Peter and Vandy, a 2009 Sundance darling that’s currently playing the film festival circuit across the nation.

Peter and Vandy <br> credit: Courtesy Strand Releasing

Jason Ritter and Jess Weixler credit: Courtesy Strand Releasing

In this love story told in pieces, Jason plays Peter, a regular guy who falls hard and experiences all the up and downs it takes to make a relationship survive.

TV DivaGal got to sit down with Jason (dream come true!) to talk about his new film, and why playing the awkward moments of Peter’s love life weren’t really a stretch.

The film shows Peter at his relationship worst. Is that why you were drawn to the role?

Jason: It did strike me as authentic. So many times I’ll be reading a script and the guy will be suave and cool. Do those guys really exist? Are people born without insecurities? This film shows all the complications that come with love. That’s what I liked. We’re all a little weird when it comes to love. A lot of movies try to pretend to ignore that.

What’s one annoying habit you do in relationships that has driven your girlfriends crazy?

12_jason_ritter_jess_weixler1Jason: I try to appease every single person I come into contact with. Even the people that I despise, I still try to make them like me. So I give parts of myself away to other people, my time and thoughts, even when they’re being terrible to me. That’s one thing I want to change. And I like video games. I’ve seen the sun come up more than once from playing all night, and that’s not a good feeling.

There are a few love scenes in the film. How did you handle that?

04_jason_ritter_jess_weixlerJason: Sometimes, actors can get a little handy. I had this one actress come up to me and say “No tongue!” I guess some other person had shoved his tongue down her throat thinking, “I get to kiss a beautiful lady and might as get what I can.” If you trust each other and know your boundaries, it always makes it less awkward.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done to get a girl’s attention?

There was a period of time when I was so tired of trying unsuccessfully to have a girlfriend that I stopped making myself care. I was in the tenth grade and there was this thing in front of the whole school where they were asking people to get up and dance. Everyone was really self conscience, but I went up and did a whole ridiculous dance. It made 99 percent of the people in the school be like, “that guy is weird,” and one girl say, “He’s so great, what-a-devil-may-care attitude.”

TV DivaGal with "Peter" and "Vandy"

TV DivaGal with "Peter" and "Vandy"

In the film, Peter and Vandy have a major fight over how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: either with one or two knives. How do you make yours in real-life?

Jason: I’m a two knife guy. What about yourself?

I use a spoon for the jelly.

Jason: That’s brilliant and solves the problem. I’m totally going to start doing that now.

Not only cute, but smart too? Priceless!

For more on Peter and Vandy, click here.

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