Three Fashion Pieces You Must Have This Winter (Psst. One’s From CAT Footwear!)

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Diva! Winter is upon us! We all know that as winter approaches, we all think about is how we are going to stay chic in winter under all our layers and bundles. Finding winter pieces that are chic as well as comfortable can be a challenge. After all, in winter we have to keep yourself warm, but this doesn’t mean that our fashion and style has to be put on the back burner! Wondering what the essential things we need to stay fabulous this winter? We are glad you asked! Check out our handy list and hook yourself up to stay warm all season long.

One Warm Scarf.┬áThe first thing we need is a warm scarf! They are stylish and chic, but more than that, they protect us from the dreaded cold! A scarf doesn’t just keep our neck warm, it has a great aesthetic purpose as well.┬áThey come in a variety of colors, so ladies,┬átap into those winter colors of black, cream and burnt orange,┬áor for those of us who want to keep summer alive in the winter, go for a bright color like red or purple.┬áYou can get a chunky┬áInfiniti scarf, or wrap a thin scarf or two for multiple layers.┬á

A Few Sweet Sweaters.┬áWhat do we normally wear when winter comes around? If we aren’t wearing an incredible sweater, we are missing out! They are fabulous and cozy, making them the perfect choice for when it’s cold outside. We love to choose from weave cotton, a comfy wool or chic cashmere sweater options. And let’s face it, sweaters go with almost everything! Want to wear leggings? Fine. Want to wear jeans? Also a good option. Be bold and layer one of a slip dress with colorful tights and boots. And don’t forget to pick out an ugly┬áChristmas sweater for the season – that’s the one that really makes a statement.

Boots, Boots and More Boots! We love winter footwear! It’s all about the boots, from little ankle booties all the way up to an┬áover-the-knee look! Yes, we know┬áneed shoes with good grip so that we arenΓÇÖt falling over in the bad weather. But that’s also the beauty of a boot — they usually have sturdy bottoms so there’s no need for a high heel shoe change!┬áBoots are┬áwarm, cozy, waterproof and stylish, what more can we want? There is nothing better than keeping our feet warm and dry while also keeping our inner fashionista happy! We always love our finds at CAT Footwear, which offers stylish and durable boots for the season – the CAT Footwear┬áMarlowe, j’adore!

Now that you know what you need to stay fabulous in the winter months – what are you waiting for? Click on those links* and get what you need to look stylish while you stay warm!

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