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Top Secrets To Chic Thrifting (Where! How! Why!)

By   |   February 26, 2018   |   Food Fashion Style

Hey Divas! Our fearless and DIvalicious EIC is about to head out on another adventure (don’t worry, she’ll share her outfits for you upon her return!). Buying a ton of outfits for all these excursions can start up. But she has a simple solution that is pretty much in every neighborhood, but you may have bypassed as a viable option. We’re talking thrift stores ladies!

If you’re fans of Macklemore┬áand Ryan Lewis‘ hit song, “Thrift Shop,” you know that thrift and vintage shopping is a celeb fave pastime! Now we understand there is so much pressure on buying the next best thing, on being on trend and looking like you’ve stepped off the pages of a magazine (preferably not the worst in fashion pages!). But Divas, you can turn some thrift store finds into fashionable additions to your wardrobe. Not to mention that you’ll be supporting charity and saving the environment by reusing existing items, and also making a small stand for humanity, as most cheap clothing is produced unethically.

Ready to dive in – to decades past? Here are some secrets to great thrifting!

Location, Location! Want to find designer duds at a fraction of the price? Here’s a secret: for top-end brands in a thrift store, go shopping in a more affluent area. These thrift stores are full of second-hand designer clothing. Yes, you may pay more for these than non-branded clothes, but it’s still going to be a lot cheaper than buying brand new.

Go Vintage. Did you know that fashion is┬ácyclical every 20 years or so? That means that everything old is new again – so┬áwe say cop┬ávintage and retro styles. Thrift stores are full of seventies clothing, which is making its comeback with flared denim and color-patterned tops and dresses. Think Pam Grier in Foxy Brown – with a 2018 twist. Want it to have an international flair? Click here to check out the vintage finds at British-based thrift stores like COW.

Alter It!┬á So you’re in the thrift shop and you find a sweet item that you love that just isn’t in your size. Don’t let that put you off; you can easily resize and refit a shirt or a pair of pants to fit- especially if you have a sewing machine handy. And if you don’t┬á you can always take them to someone who does. Even when you are paying for clothing to be altered, you can still save money over buying new from a store. Did we mention that our thrift-loving EIC actually redesigns entire pieces?┬áClick here for more on redesigning and fitting advice.

Quality Counts. One of the reasons we love thrifting is there is always the possibility of┬áfinding┬ágood quality piece – for a lot less.┬áA lot of vintage clothing is a lot more durable than what is produced now – a leather jacket made in the sixties or seventies can still be going strong today. Try a curated second-hand shop where potential sellers have brought their gently used quality items to make a commission. You’ll pay a little more than a general thrift store like Savers or the Salvation Army – but it will be worth the (discounted) price.┬á

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