Is It Time To End Your Relationship in 2018? Here Are Three Telltale Signs

By   |   January 14, 2018   |   Relationships

Ever wondered what happens when a relationship falls apart?  There are times when one person is clearly at fault, and others times it just means that you weren’t meant for each other. Here are three signs that your relationship is in trouble.

You Don’t Talk. Talking is one of the most important parts of any relationship. If you don’t talk and communicate with one another, then there is something wrong. This doesn’t include extremely generic small talk such as “isn’t the weather nice”, but real, in-depth talks. Talks about the future, the past and everything in between. A healthy relationship involves two people who want to share their lives with each, and that includes talking and enjoying talking to each other. If you find that you only ever have the same conversations, with the same outcomes all the time and don’t communicate in any other way, then this should be a clear sign that something is wrong in your relationship. It might be that one part of the relationship is hiding something or perhaps you have simply grown apart.

You Argue All The Time. One of the clearest signs that things aren’t right is that you are arguing all the time. Some couples thrive on arguments, and it can be the bedrock of their relationship. However, with couples like this, there is always a level of respect in any argument. If you are arguing over everything and feels like there is that lack of respect and you never agree on anything, then there are problems. How you handle and deal with arguments defines your relationship. All couples argue that is perfectly normal. However, it is the frequency, reason and volatility of the argument that will determine whether there are problems in the relationship. If you feel like all you do is argue for no real reason, argue about the same things time and again or argue and things escalate to a raised voice, and towards aggression, then there are definite problems in the relationship.

You DonΓÇÖt Like Spending Time Together. This may be the biggest sign. See, couples who like each other want to spend time together – at six months,┬á or after sixty years. If the relationship is going to work, then you have to want to spend time together. This means more than just sitting on the couch watching TV. You’re out there, creating memories that have a lasting impact on your relationship. The fact that you donΓÇÖt like to do anything together should be a warning sign that something isn’t quite right. Now you may have different interests because you’re two different people. But you need to find some common ground. If you’ve tried to take an interest in their hobbies to try and spend more time with them, and nothing is working – your boo is still much happier either alone or with other people -┬á well, that discovery may make you feel like you failed over your looks or something else superficial. Girl, donΓÇÖt take extreme measures like liposuction or excessive dieting. Realize that you are a queen and you two might just not be meant for each other. It’s important to remember that this is not your fault and that every relationship is a two-way street and both parties are involved in its outcome.

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