Top Tips To Make Your Black Friday Shopping A Golden Experience!

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Crushing overwhelming hysteria — these are the cornerstones of Black Friday. But it doesn’t have to be so! It is absolutely possible to score on Black Friday without pulling out fistfuls of your natural ‘do! Just follow our tips below for some sane advice on how to navigate all those amazing deals!

Do Your Homework!
Been eying those big-ticket items for the holidays? The internet is a wealth of information with several useful tools to help you see the historical price of an item. This is a massive part of your Black Friday shopping, as you can see whether the supposed “sale” offered on your dream item really is a bargain or not!

Before you add it to your cart or make your curbside orders on Black Friday, make a list of everything you intend to buy (whether it’s a need or a want!) and look up the best prices, coupons and rebates for each item. Set your budget and stay focused on the list without deviating from it. This will help you save money instead of getting distracted. As long as you stick to your list and your finances, you won’t fall into an overspending trap and have to eat only ramen in January!

“Like” Your Favorite Retailers
Social media is a big deal and brands know it. During the holiday season, social media is the place where last-minute deals, specials, competitions and coupons are shared. Because social media is targeted communication, brands use this to play into the hands of their audience.

Keep an eye on your favorite stores’ pages in the time up to Thanksgiving to see what will be on their Black Friday 2020 sale. Use this information to compare prices between various retailers and to figure out what the best route would be to save you the greatest amount of money. Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are all great places to follow your favorite retailers and interact with your favorite brands.

Get Into The Club!
When you join an organization, you get exclusive benefits, right? Take advantage of that opportunity by signing up to get your favorite site’s email newsletters. It’s free, doesn’t take up a lot of space in your inbox and can be the golden key to the discounts you are after.  Receiving a store’s newsletter means you can keep an eye on their regular prices, so you’ll know when the discounts are banging. As Black Friday draws closer, start paying closer attention to those newsletters — will they be a wealth of information about Black Friday offerings and may offer even further discounts you can indulge in once on the site!

Get Your Online Game Ready
Have you ever been in the sitch where you’re trying to buy something during an online sale, only to have the item be gone by the time you go through all the hassles of trying to buy it? The trick is to streamline your online movements, which is easily done by creating store accounts! Having this in place will mean that the store already has access to your payment methods and shipping details. This means you can get in and out of the shopping experience far more quickly. Joining the site with an online account means that you are first in line for members-only sales and VIP deals.

These are all ways to help make your Black Friday shopping a golden one. Let us know what you score on Black Friday on our Filed Under: Food Fashion Style

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