Social Gal Takes Over the Hamptons!

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Guest contributor Soo Jin Kim reveals one wondrous day and night in the Hamptons…

“Everyone get upΓǪeveryone get upΓǪHey, hey, hey!”

Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” blared on the radio as I giddily sat in the backseat of my friendΓÇÖs BMW, watching the hustle of the city pass me by.

I was headed east to the Hamptons for the Bridgehampton Polo Club’s 17th Annual Opening, hosted by Christie Brinkley, and the St. Barth Hamptons Gala with Social Life Magazine, hosted by Molly Sims.

Going to the Hamptons is quite the endeavor. ThereΓÇÖs a lot of strategic planning that needs to be taken care of: Are we taking the jitney? (Gosh, I hope not.) What are we wearing? (Something cute, comfortable, understated, yet fabulous!) Do we have to wear heels? (Nope, wedges!) Alright, letΓÇÖs go!

“I know you want itΓǪ”


Arriving to the Polo Classic, youΓÇÖre immediately greeted by the friendliest staff dressed impeccably in white polos (how fitting!). My eyes scanned the scene for the whoΓÇÖs who of the Hamptons, including Real Housewives NYC Avia Drescher‘s kids!, people gorgeously dressed as they sipped their glasses of pink rose and champagne and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Over the microphone the announcer said, “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, Christie Brinkley will now do the coin toss.” I grabbed my glass of wine, and walked over to the ΓÇ£media area,ΓÇ¥ where Christie, at the age of 59, looked even more beautiful and stunning than her super-modeling days of the ’80s.

She donned a form-fitting orange Ralph Lauren dress and a white floppy hat (very Kentucky Derby, a la Kate Middleton). I just stared at her and a huge smile lit across my face. Wow, that was so worth it.

The polo match began and I entered back to the VIP area, where I saw Kelly Bensimon (formerly of Real Housewives of NYC), standing there in a hot, short, orange jumpsuit, laughing and talking with her people. She had legs for days and her hair was perfectly blown-out. Just when, I thought, I got my celebrity fixing, I heard a voice, all too familiar.

I turned around and bam, it was fellow former RHofNYC‘s Jill Zarin wearing an adorable, fitted black and white striped jersey dress, talking with my friends. I yelled, “Jill Zarin,” and introduced myself. She smiled and shook my hand. SheΓÇÖs just as bubbly and sassy as she appears on television. I did, in fact, take a picture with her. How could I not?

“YouΓÇÖre far from plastic, talk about getting blasted. I hate these blurred linesΓǪ”


We then headed to the St. Barth Hamptons Social Life Magazine Gala, but what would be a proper Hamptons trip without a quick wardrobe change and a bite to eat at… Burger King! Yes, we fancy, huh? Hey, this gal needed her burger fix!

We pulled up to a dirt road and from a distance you could hear the music pumping. We walked down a long path and voila to where the gala was in full effect. The atmosphere was pristine-looking: lovely white tents covered a massive outdoor space as people dressed to the nines sauntered around.


Inside the VIP tent, booths of different sponsors adorned the area, and as I walked around and made my way through the crowd, my eyes caught another Housewife. This time it was Dina Manzo, from the New Jersey cast. “Gorge,” I told myself.

The DJ played some intense tunes, and my friend and I got up and started dancing. No one else danced, but we did. A small crowd of people gathered around us, and a couple of the ladies at the party even joined us. They were happily surprised that not everyone in the Hamptons took themselves so seriously, hey, hey, hey!


As it began to get dark, the DJ announced that a fashion show would be taking place in the main area. Of course, I got up and made a beeline to the front. The models were wearing bikinis and ΓÇ£Hampton-esqueΓÇ¥ clothing, very beachy, summery looks. I played paparazzi and yelled things like, ΓÇ£Over here, you look fabulous, darling,ΓÇ¥ as I took pictures of them. The photographer next to me laughed, and we both continued to shoot our shots.


Just when the night couldnΓÇÖt get any better, Molly Sims arrived wearing a short multi-colored, multi-printed dress. And, like a true supermodel, she was poised, lovely and a sight to be beholden.

“Do it like it hurt, like it hurtΓǪ”

It was now time to wrap up and head back home. Both events were completely ah-mah-zing and something that I will always remember. I smiled, gathered one last look at the “beautiful” people and walked back to the car.

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