TRON: Legacy ΓÇô Crash Course!

By   |   December 10, 2010   |   Entertainment

The Gals had a chance to hang out with hot geeky boys this week at a press screening of TRON: Legacy, which we saw in IMAX 3D.

Sure, the glasses didn’t match our outfits, but we were willing to make the exception to see Jeff Bridges, who appeared in the original TRON movie, go back to the past as his 35-year-old self.

You didn’t even know there was an original┬á movie? We figured as much. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you navigate the grid. Your techy friends will be so impressed!

1. Yes, There Is an Original TRON. Back in 1982, writer/director Steven Lisberger brought the story of brilliant computer programmer Kevin Flynn, who got trapped inside a digital world and had to fend for his life, to theaters. Shot like a video game on acid, it was considered revolutionary in its time. It would take nearly 30 years to bring a new version of TRON to the screen.

2. Jeff Bridges is back! Talk about loyalty. Jeff, who starred as Kevin Flynn in the original film, is back in the 2010 version. But be prepared; he hasn’t aged much. Thanks to computer-generated special effects, Jeff, 61, chops off 26 years and appears as a 35-year-old version of himself. The face is a fake, but the hot body belongs to actor John Reardon. And all we can say is, nice job.

3. Jeff Bridges Is Kevin FlynnΓǪ and Clu! So why do you even need to see two versions of Jeff Bridges in TRON: Legacy? Well, it goes something like thisΓǪ After escaping in the first TRON, Kevin created a program known as Clu, in his own image, to help navigate this new virtual world. But his alter ego went totally rogue and turned evilΓǪ As for TRON, that’s the computer program Kevin’s good buddy Alan Bradley created back in 1982ΓǪ and let’s just say it’s still chowing down on that HTML. Bruce Boxleitner, who played the role of Alan in ’82 is also back in the new version.

4. The Movie Pays Homage To the EightiesΓǪ A lot! A hot soundtrack that includes the decade’s biggest hits (“Sweet Dreams” from Annie Lenox to start), chase scenes that conjure up images of a hungry Ms. Pacman, and a homage to Return of the Jedi’s lightsabers, the eighties definitely get their due here.

5. Garrett Hedlund! Could care less about TRON‘s technical origins, Jeff Bridges’ return to the past, or the eighties? Seeing Garrett, the Friday Night Lights alum who plays Kevin Flynn’s now grown son Sam, should be enough reason to shell out for a ticket. Keep your eyes wide open for a few key scenes where he’s shirt and pantless. And if we must say so ourselves, he wears a body suit like no one’s business!

TRON: Legacy in 3D opens nationwide Friday, Dec. 17.

photo credit: Disney

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