TV DIVAGAL EXCLUSIVE! Drop Dead Diva: Kim's New Love Interest!

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kateleveringdropdeaddivalifetimeDrop Dead Diva is back!

That’s right, a whole another season for Deb to re-navigate life inside her new body, bringing Jane Bingum a heaping dash of DIVAness with every step.

Of course, there is one person who wouldn’t mind if Jane returned to her former mousy ways; fellow lawyer Kim Kaswell. That’s why it’s not too much of a surprise when Kim takes drastic measures to hasten Jane’s law suspension in the season opener.

TV DivaGal chatted it up with Kate Levering, who plays Kim, to get the scoop on why her character can’t help but clash with Jane, Kim’s bold new look, and who will be her love interest for season two! (Psst, it’s someone already on the show!)

You’re blonde this season! Was it a character choice or your own?

It worked for both, actually. Kim needed a change. She kind of suffered a minor heartbreak at the end of season one. Also, Jane has been getting a lot of attention at the office, and Kim doesn’t like not being the center of attention. So it works for her to be the only blonde in the law office. Personally, I’m normally a blonde in real life.

Kim is pretty harsh on Jane in the season opener over her possible suspension to practice law. Is it because she threatened by Jane?

I don’t think the audience realizes that Kim is only used to dealing with old Jane, the pushover and the quiet subdued workaholic. The fact that all of a sudden, there’s this new personality who’s pushing kim’s buttons, and challenging and standing up to her for the first time because she’s no longer just Jane, but Deb/Jane, this is a whole new person for Kim to deal with. Kim’s like, “Who the hell are you? You turned into this sassy person overnight!” Is she threatened? Yeah. All of sudden, Kim’s not the only sassy presence in the office.

Will they ever find common ground?

I think they are starting too. They have their moments, and I think they’ll have more this year. But at the end of the day, it still is a TV show and the audience likes that Kim is the villain. I don’t know if she’ll go completely soft and befriend Jane.

Do you get fan mail from viewers saying, “We like Kim because she is kind of bitchy.”

I haven’t had anyone send me “I hate you” mail, which is good. For the most part, people have been saying, “We understand her, and we like it when we see her softer side from time to time.”

Does Kim have a big case coming up this season where we’ll see that softer side?

One is not even in a law case. It has to do with the fallout of her relationship with Grayson. And she has a very unusual case that get she gets surprisingly emotionally involved in. It was really fun for me to play.

Will Kim find love in season two?

She’s always prowl for something! She does have new love interest and it’s very scandalous. I think in the end, it seems she may have another heartbreak. And it’s somebody we’ve already met.

Did you ever dream you’d be “practicing law” when you were a kid?

I didn’t. I always wanted to be a tap-dancing surgeon.

There are a lot of musical numbers on Drop Dead Diva. Do you have one coming up?

I do have an entire sexy dance number with the guys from Australia’s Thunder From Down Under, the Las Vegas strip group. I did a dream sequence with them. It may be a webisode, it may be a bonus feature on the season two DVD or it may be in an episode. They haven’t quite figured it out yet.

TV DivaGal votes for that to air next week!

Drop Dead Diva, season two, premieres June 6 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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