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TV DIVAGAL PREVIEW: Three Reasons to Watch True Blood, Season Three!

By   |   June 10, 2010   |   Entertainment

truebloodsookietaraOnly three more days until you get to sink your teeth into True Blood, season three!

Of course, TV DivaGal got an early taste (and loved every drop!). Here’s three reasons why you’ll want to indulge as well.

We’ll Find Out What Happened to BillΓǪ Quickly. As episode two came to a close, we saw Bill, dressed in his finest duds, propose marriage to Sookie. She took a minute to compose herself in the bathroom; after all, getting engaged to a vampire is kind of a big deal. When she returned to give her enthusiastic reply, Bill had vanished. True Blood EP Alan Ball isn’t making you wait long find out where Bill has gone ΓÇô it’s revealed in the season opener. Of course, Eric is going to use the separation to get a little closer to Sookie. Let’s just say it won’t be long before she feels compelled to invite him in.

Sam Gets in the Family Way. Having your heart almost ripped out by the woman you first had sex with could make anyone a little nostalgic. That must be what compels Sam to take a little excursion back to his birth parents, where he meets his little brother (played by Prison Break alum Marshall Allman), and learns they have a lot more in common than just their parental genes.

Tara’s Getting a New Love. Speaking of broken hearts, having her boyfriend shot dead has got Tara way down in the dumps. She’s seriously contemplating whether life is worth living anymore. Perfect time for a new man to come into the picture! He’s tall, dark and handsome, and following the path of men Tara’s been falling for, not quite human. Hey, at least this guy isn’t ripping out people’s hearts ΓÇô their jugulars are a totally different story.

And if those reasons aren’t enough, here’s one more. Alex Skarsgard. Naked. Nouf said.

True Blood, season three, premieres Sunday, June 13 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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