TV Divagal Review: Addicted to Beauty

By   |   August 4, 2009   |   Entertainment
Beauty addicts (l to. r) Mel, Ronnie, Dr. Lee, Dianne, Natasha, Gary, Shannyn <br> credit: Michael Lavine/Oxygen

Beauty addicts (l to. r) Mel, Ronnie, Dr. Lee, Dianne, Natasha, Gary, Shannyn credit: Michael Lavine/Oxygen

In these tough economical times, even the hardest workers are losing their jobs.

So why is the staff at Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa still employed?

So is the scenario on Addicted to Beauty, Oxygen’s newest docusoap.

Dianne is a forty-(fifty, sixty?) something new divorcee who ran one of the most successful medical spas in La Jolla, Cali., while she was married.

Now on her own, she’s partnered with Dr. Gilbert Lee to rev up his plastic surgery revenue with her wealthy list of would-be clientele friends.

Dianne says she’s hired the best from the people who used to work for her: Gary, Natasha and Ronnie.

She then hires their former boss, Shannyn, who they pretty much hate, to resume her role of spa director and instill fear on their faces.

Why would Dianne rehire Shannyn, knowing her staff already think she’s the Devil Wearing Botox?

That’s how the series plans to create strife. When Ronnie, Gary and Natasha go into Shannyn’s office to define their job roles, there’s a lot of eye rolls and finger pointing. That’s onscreen drama, baby. But kind of a hard to swallow with people getting pink-slipped without an act of insubordination.

I’m much more interested in the original Changes Plastic Surgery staff, like no nonsense office manager Melanie.

In a preview of future episodes, she threatens to fire Gary. Now that we can relate to.

And I want to know more about Dr. Lee. Is he single? Straight? Interested in dating a luscious TV Diva? He did look pretty hot riding a mechanical bull in previews of future episodes. I’m envisioning a whole new reality series: Who Wants to Marry an M.D.?

Dianne does do one thing right. All of her staff practices what they preach, from rhinoplasty and liposuction to breast plants and foot-injected Restylane.

If we put all their surgeries together, we could build a whole new person!

That would be a pretty (interesting) picture.

Addicted to Beauty premieres on Tuesday, Aug., 4 at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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