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TV DIVAGAL’s Sexy TV Show to Watch Tonight: Lost Girl on Syfy

By   |   January 16, 2012   |   Entertainment

TV DivaGal tip: if you’re looking for a sexy new series to dig into, check out Lost Girl, premiering on Syfy tonight.

This Canadian import is about Bo, a Succubus who feeds off of other people’s sexual energy. Kinky! Of course, I had to know more, so a took a little time to chat with the series star Anna Silk.

Anna, how would you describe your character?

Bo is a Succubus, and she feeds off of sexual energy ΓÇô way beyond the normal urges. She’s just learned about the underworld of Fae that have been around for centuries. Bo is someone grew up with all this shame around her abilities. She doesn’t know much about her past, her roots or who her real mother was. Now she wants to answer some of these questions, and she’s learning her powers can empower her.

Fae underworld? You might have to break this down for me!

Fae are the fairies and any varieties of creatures based in real folklore. Fae evolved to look like humans, though they don’t want their existence to be known amongst them, so they can live and feed among and off humans. They feed off luck, thoughts ΓÇô anything really, and these Fae are divided between the dark and light. So there is a dark tone to this series. Bo struggles.

People will most likely be surprised over Bo’s love triangle between Dyson, a male detective, and Lauren, a female doctor.

Bo has real feelings for Dyson, who is also Fae, and Bo is also involved with a woman. Bo is a Succubus and she loves whom she loves, whether that happens to be a man or woman. Homosexuality is not even in her vocabulary; her passion extends to whomever she feels close to.

Bo also has a gal pal, Kenzi, a human. And the two together solve crimes!

This is Bo’s search for her paast, but the series does have procedural elements, and that’s kind of what makes it fun. With Kenzi, there’s a instant family and sisterhood, and we’re like that a little off-screen too.

The series is shot in Canada. What are some of your favorite hot spots in Toronto?

We pretty much work all the time, though I do get out once in a while. I like of lot vegetarians restaurants, and there are really cool bars in the area. There is a great French bistro, Caf├⌐ La Gaffe in Baldwin Village. It’s fresh and really good.

Lost Girl premieres Monday, Jan. 16 at 10 p.m. on Syfy. Tune in at 9 p.m. for the premiere of Being Human season 2!


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