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By   |   June 18, 2012   |   Entertainment

Entertainment Gal is back, and she’s on a TV mission … to save the recently canceled series GCB!

Initially I tuned into GCB because of its original title “Good Christian Bitches.”  Not because I thought it was offensive or salacious, but because I personally know women (and a few men) who could qualify for the title.  Having no expectations allowed me to judge the show solely on what I perceived to be its merits and I ended up loving it! 

GCB is a throwback to the campy soap operas I grew up on.  The main characters are catty and a bit silly, but 100 percent sincere in who they are.  For women at a certain age and situation in life, they were relatable as well.  Amanda was the former high school mean girl who life had humbled (as life tends to do).  Carlene is the reformed fat girl and high school outcast whose insecurities still torment her.  Sharon was the beauty queen who married the quarterback and settled into the perfect life that has become a little too settled.  Cricket was the one happiest with her life and her choices, but she’s also the one with the biggest secret.  And finally poor single Heather (Marisol Nichols) had everything in life except the thing that seems to matters most, a man.

I laughed at least one time on every episode, and not a chuckle but a full-on belly laugh.  It was a great show to unwind with on Sunday night.  ABC apparently disagreed and canceled it after only one season (and not even a full season at that!).  As usual, a show I really liked wasn’t being renewed.  Disappointment doesn’t completely describe my feelings.  So many other shows get a chance to prove themselves, why not GCB?

Fortunately I am not alone in my feelings and there is a Save GCB campaign underway.  There is a petition at this website: that I signed.  I understand that  talk show host Wendy Williams has her own petition as well.  This campaign is about  more than just one show.  It’s about the idea that television should be fun, light-hearted and silly, and the time needed to find and grow its audience.  Please take the time to sign and help save GCB!

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  1. Amy
    Monday, June 25th, 2012
    Just one minor thing, you have the character descriptions of Sharon and Carlene swapped. Sharon was the beauty queen and Carlene is the reformed fat girl. Good article! SAVEGCB!
    • Monday, June 25th, 2012
      thanks for fix!!
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