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By   |   December 12, 2012   |   Entertainment

From creator Tom Fontana (Oz, Homicide: Life on the Street), comes the second season of Borgia, which made its USA debut on Netflix last year. The DivaGals got a sneak peek of the upcoming season at a private screening event and dinner held inside The Paley Center for Media.

This time around, we come to see Pope Rodrigo Borgia losing it a bit as he tries to figure out how to keep his kingdom from falling into enemy hands. Poor daughter Lucrezia is preggers and shuts herself off from the world, complete with windows shut tight because she feels she doesn’t deserve any light. Her brother, Cesare – played by hottie Irish actor Mark Ryder – is a major Lothario and has the almost naked scenes to prove it.

He’s eager to win the hand of the beautiful maiden Giulia Farnes, and challenges her chosen betrothed, a French prince, to an athletic competition. Needless to say, French boy isnΓÇÖt ready for Cesare’s jelly ΓÇô which leads to a brutal and dazzling array of athletic prowess. TV DivaGal asked actor Mark if heΓÇÖs naturally gifted when it comes to sports, and he humbly shrugged it off, but series creator Fontana had this to say: “He is so athletic and such a lad,” Tom gushed. “There’s this tennis-like game called Jeu de paume. We did all this research to put it in ΓǪ and he literally looked like he had been playing it all his life.”

TV DivaGal also loved seeing Scott Winters playing a cardinal in the series who pretty much gets all the comic lines a cardinal could have said back in the 15th century, which includes, and I quote, ΓÇ£What the f*&$!ΓÇ¥

Borgia is currently seeking a distributor to make waves with its second season here in the US. Which means you have plenty of time to get caught up on season one ΓÇô and plenty of strategic shots of Mark in the almost buff.

Dinner, catered by Eataly, was delicious! So was our Borgia wine gift!

photo credit: Borgia/Lagardere Entertainment

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  1. vicki
    Tuesday, March 26th, 2013
    when will the second season of Borgia be shown on netflixs as I just loved the first season..amazing acting for sure..
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