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By   |   June 17, 2012   |   Entertainment

Entertainment Gal is back and geared up for summer TV! Tune in every week for her recap and thoughts on True Blood, which airs its latest season on Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO!

Prior to last fall, my only time watching True Blood involved channel surfing when I happened upon HBO, saw an orgy and kept it moving. I now know I saw a snippet from the infamous season two Maenad storyline. At the time I thought True Blood was just another vampire show, and since I’m already obsessed with Being Human, there was nothing to see here. But a fourth season personal marathon more than changed my mind: it made me a fan!

What I love about True Blood is its complete lack of realism. It is an over-the-top homage to everything we love about television. You like blood and gore? True Blood’s got it. A sappy, star-crossed love story? TB’s got that too. A love triangle? Yup. Heck, any  manner of supernatural species, True Blood’s got it covered. Just like Cheers, there’s a bar “where everybody knows your name” as well as a fabulous gay dude and a wise cracking black chick. Any TV trope you can think of, any plot device, I guarantee you can find it in True Blood.

Which brings me to last weekΓÇÖs season premiere. I like that we picked up right where we left off from season four: watching the direct aftermath of the last episodeΓÇÖs events… Too many times a show narrates the consequences rather than show them to you. Bill and Eric are now a team.That┬á will definitely be fun to watch as these two are finally going to have to admit how much they actually like each other. I especially like EricΓÇÖs bro code moment when they realized Sookie was in danger. (Personally, I interpreted that scene like Solomon deciding which woman to give the baby to: the one who showed true concern is the one who loves her best.) IΓÇÖm intrigued by Terry, the fires and what really happened in Iraq, but only because True Blood can take straightforward situations and turn them 180. The future of Alcide interests me but mostly because I want as much Joe Manganiello on my screen as possible (all the DivaGals agree on that one!).

The storyline richest with possibilities is Tara now being a vampire, and not just any vampire. Tara is PamΓÇÖs progeny, part of EricΓÇÖs family. Watching this unfold has the emotional impact of watching a car skid out of control on a busy highway: the driver could regain control and the accident just be a fender bender with minimal casualties … or the car could hit a tanker truck filled with flammable materials and the resultant explosion is seen and felt for miles. In either case, I wonΓÇÖt be looking away.

Tune in every week for Entertainment Gal’s True Blood recaps, all this summer, only on!

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