TV SHOWS TO WATCH This Weekend: Glam Fairy, My Extreme Animal Phobia and Once Upon A Time!

By   |   October 21, 2011   |   Entertainment, Gals On The Town

These are the TV Shows to Watch this weekend. Break out the popcorn!

My Extreme Animal Phobia (Friday, Oct. 21 at 10 p.m., Animal Planet) TV DivaGal and singer superstar Rihanna have something in common. We hate fish. In fishbowls, at the ocean — even on TV. Turns out we’re not alone. Tonight Animal Planet premieres My Extreme Animal Phobia, where people with major animal aversions face their fears in some serious immersion therapy. Hmmm, me getting over my phobia by swimming with the fishes ΓÇô literally? Sure, right after Rihanna gives it a try! (TV DivaGal)

Glam Fairy (Sunday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m., Style Network) Who doesn’t love being glamorous? Alexa Prisco (with TV DivaGal, pictured above), realized that while appearing on the hit Style Network show Jerseylicious. Now this makeup artist turned glam fairy godmother is out to make over hapless women into the DivaGals we know all lives inside of us on Glam Fairy, premiering this Sunday. “These people have crashed and hit rock bottom and they need help,” Alexa shared with us at the series premiere party at plush lounge inside Gansevoort Park hotel. “You also get to see our staff get along, and not get along.” We love a side of drama with our glam! Alexa says the starting point to any makeover is achieving balance. “Clean your chakras with lavender oil,” she suggests, and give the skin plenty of moisture for hydration. Alexa’s personal key to a makeover is the vision she conjures up for each individual: here’s her 10-second TV DivaGal transformation. “I see those gorgeous eyelids and pouty mouth and bubbly personality. I would put you in closet filled with fluffiness and glam in booty shorts, on a pink glamorous phone chatting ΓÇô sexy, but fun and flirty,” she declared. Me thinks the boyfriend would approve! (TV DivaGal)

Once Upon A Time (Sunday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m., ABC). What if you found you were living in a modern-day fairy tale? So’s the case for Emma Swan, who is charged to save the lives of several fairy tale characters who have been cursed by an evil queen (as if there is any other kind!) on Once Upon a Time. Here’s five out-of-this-world facts to know about the series, which premieres this Sunday. (Entertainment Gal)

  1. The show was eight years in making because fairy tales were formative stories for the writers.
  2. The storyline will move between worlds every week.
  3. Series star Gennifer Goodwin says that challenging to play two different characters who are the same but different because her Mary Margaret is one way in fairy tales, and another in the real world.
  4. Lana Parrilla, who stars as the evil queen, deliberately plays her characters differently: her Evil Queen is upfront, while as Mayor Regina, she is more secretive.
  5. While these stories are based on classic fairy tales, the show is much more interested in the characters than the story itself. We’ll learn why are these characters are the way they are and have the desires they have. Good. I’ve always wondered what compelled the prince to kiss Snow White, even though she was in a coma!

Photo credit: ABC

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