TV SUMMER ’14: Tracy McMillian Explains Why Couples Need More Satisfcation

By   |   July 24, 2014   |   Entertainment

Hey DivaGals, just one question for you: ΓÇ£Are you satisfied?ΓÇ¥

Before you answer this question, if you have a special somebody, think about that sexy piece of man candy that I’m sure rocks your world and probably rock your nerves too! Now that you have a full image in mind, think about all that you’ve experienced together … now go ahead and answer!

After seeing Satisfaction, the sexy, scandalous and funny new original drama series on USA Network, youΓÇÖre going to have all this to think about, plus more. This provocative drama series explores relationships, spiritual journeys and love through one couple facing a very unconventional mid-life crisis. Gals get your popcorn and wine … itΓÇÖs like the drama from your favorite soap opera but better. Second episode premieres tonight!

If you caught the series’ premiere last week, then you know that the Trumans are a have-everything couple, but still feel like something is missing in their relationship. Wife Grace (Stephanie Szostak) calls on a prostitute to fill her urges, while husband Neil (Matt Passmore) becomes one! ItΓÇÖs pure edge of you seat juiciness and raunchiness galore!

I checked out the advance premiere screening of Satisfaction, held at Cedar Lake in New York City, and honey, it was a night to remember. The candlelit ambiance, live jazz music and elegant displays of red roses everywhere emanated intimacy and romance. With the signature drink, coined “24 Hours of Satisfaction” in hand, I couldnΓÇÖt help but to crack a joke with my table mate Caroline, a 30-something year old web designer who also showed up alone, about the name the cocktail drink had been strategically given rather than calling it “one minute of satisfaction.”

I was super excited when I got to chat with Satisfaction‘s co-producer: three-time divorcee/daughter of a prostitute and convicted criminal/foster-child Tracy McMillan, author of the controversial ΓÇ£Why YouΓÇÖre Not Married YetΓÇ¥ blog-turned-book and the most read post in Huffington Post history. She also served as a matchmaker on NBCΓÇÖs reality-dating show Ready for Love.

Tracy described Neil and Grace’s union as a “very privileged, yet typical American marriage.” The couple has the big house, fancy car and corner office at work. But when you have it all, why do people still want to explore other options? “Marriages have challenges, with boredom or disconnection or trying to really love each other. The biggest mistake people make in relationships is that they donΓÇÖt pay enough attention to themselves. ItΓÇÖs really a paradox when you think about it,” Tracy shared.

I like to say, “to thy own self be true.” Or as the painfully honest and hilarious Tracy┬á says, ΓÇ£Stop lying to yourself!” Love starts with you!

Satisfaction airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on USA Network. You can also watch all the mayhem online at! See more pics on the DivaGals FB page.


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