TV's Hardest Working Dad Goes Mental On Justified

By   |   April 12, 2010   |   Entertainment

raymond-barryYou know Raymond J Barry. He’s played just about everyone’s dad on TV (just check out Lost and Cold Case).

He’s back in the type of role he does best, playing Arlo, the parental unit of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (hottie Timothy Olyphant) on FX’s newest hit, Justified. But don’t look for Arlo to be Father Knows Best.

“The father is a criminal,” Raymond tells the TV DivaGal. “He sells drugs. He has post-traumatic stress from Vietnam. And while he’s charming, he’ll occasionally break out into a fit of anger and be very violent.”

Of course, the Justified execs weren’t going to miss out on the opportunity to have Raymond, 71, play out this side of his character’s personality.

“He goes into a man’s house and destroys his furniture with a baseball bat,” Raymond shares.

“It’s kind of a funny scene. The place is a mess, a complete wreck, and Arlo sits down with the sheriff to talk about the local restaurant and how its pie is overrated, because the sheriff knows Arlo and kind of expects this behavior from him. In the middle of all this violence, you get this funny scene, and people relate to it with humor as opposed to how devastating it is.”

While most people would take three or four takes to get this scene just right (how could you resist?), Raymond is ever the professional.

“You donΓÇÖt want the crew to have to clean it up and replace everything. You got to do it right the first time, so I just mapped out in my mind what pieces of furniture I was going to break up first, second and third. I made sure when I did it I was familiar with the weapon I was using and did it in one take.”

Maybe he is Daddy Dearest after all!

Look for Raymond to start his four-episode arc on Justified Tuesday, April 13 at 10 p.m. on FX.

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