Two-Week Fitness Transformation With Running – Tips You Need Now!

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Divas! We’ve got a big party coming up in two weeks: Our own ImageGal is celebrating her 50th! We’ve only got 14 days to shape up, so we’re hitting the ground running, literally, with a two-week fitness transformation with a running routine to kick our body in gear!

Now running involves more than just putting on your workout gear and going the distance. If you’re at the beginning of your running routine, you may not be particularly well prepared for the mental and physical work that actually goes into it. According to a study published on NCBI, some people quit running because of physical injuries or a loss of motivation. We certainly don’t want that to happen! So to get you started on running the right way, here are five tips to keep you on track.

Start With The Right Shoes

You can’t use just any pair of shoes for running. Running shoes need more underfoot padding than your regular sneakers to help cushion the impact from the ground. This reduces the stress on the foot, which also lessens back, hip and knee pain. The best way to find the right shoe for you is to visit a running store and have your foot measured and tested for the right fit, which can help you find the perfect footwear for your two-week fitness transformation with running!

Once you have an idea of what works for you, here are a few brands to check out: the OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% collaboration is a performance running shoe that takes its inspiration from track and field. It’s made with the line’s well-loved ZoomX foam and combined with a breathable, lightweight and structured Flyknit upper. In typical OFF-WHITE style, it has the signature zip-tie, an exaggerated tongue and a deconstructed Swoosh. Alternatively, if you’re looking extra shock absorption, then the plush Hoka Gaviota 3 is an amazing choice. It sports Hoka’s signature Meta-Rocker technology, as well as an H-frame structure for even more stability and support.

Set A Manageable Pace

I know we want to get in major shape in a short time, but you shouldn’t push yourself to run too fast on day one! WebMD warns us that you need to let your body get used to the new strains of running.  Otherwise, you could end up with injuries like runner’s knee or muscle strain.

You can start by alternating between two minutes of walking and two minutes of jogging at a moderate pace – you should let you hold a conversation easily. Try to gradually increase your jogging intervals and your time running. A longer run will burn more calories and fat, so for these two weeks, try to go for 45 to 60-plus minutes per session. We’re personally doing 3 to 4 sessions a week, with one or two days off in between runs.

Choose The Right Surface

So what exactly should you be running on? If you have access to asphalt, concrete or treadmills — which do you pick? According to certified coach and trainer Christine Luff of, it’s actually best to vary the surfaces you run on to improve strength and balance.

Running on trails or sand can be tricky and tiring because you need to adapt to these uneven terrains. But the good news is that running on a variety of surfaces will help you have more control over your body. It will also help your focus as you improve your skills during your two-week fitness transformation with running.

Do Some Cross-Training

Running shouldn’t be your only fitness activity, especially during this two-week period! The stress might build up on your joints and spine, leading to injuries. Additionally, cross-training gives you greater aerobic capacity, strength adaptions and dynamic flexibility. You’ll also heal faster as well as it gives your body the time to recuperate from your

For example, Achilles tendinopathy – a common running injury – can be improved by strengthening the calf muscles. Our fave personal trainer Jeff Warley’s kettlebell and walkout workout will help improve strength in your legs and calves.

Take Care Of Your Body

This may be the most important tip! What you do after running is just as important as your preparation. At the end of your run, you should cool down by walking to relax your muscles and regulate your breathing and blood flow. Try stretching your lower extremities: quads, hamstrings, calves and hip/butt muscles for at least five minutes after your cooldown. This will help soothe your limbs and joints and prevent injuries.

Go for proper hydration and nutrition within a 30-minute window after your workout. It can help get the right nutrients in your body and prevent soreness.

Ready, Set, Go!

Join us for the next two weeks as we embark on our two-week fitness transformation with running. Remember, what you eat during these two weeks plays a major role in your body changing. We’ll be following a lower-carb diet to jumpstart our fat loss. But always remember you have to expend more calories than you take in to lose weight. And this two-week running transformation will burn you some mad calories!

photo credit: Dorothea OLDANI on Unsplash





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