Ugly Betty: Life-Changing Moments!

By   |   April 8, 2010   |   Entertainment

betty_mainSpoiler alert! Hot plot points from last night’s episode of Ugly Betty!

Ugly Betty left us with a bang tonight, literally, as Claire’s lovechild Tyler, hopped up on booze, fired a shot right at Wilhelmina Slater. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Tonight’s episode was really about life-changing moments. Betty got the job op of a lifetime: Going to work at a young version of The New Yorker. The catch? The position is in London.

Betty’s practical side immediately poo-pooed the idea, especially after learning that a now very single Henry was moving back to New York City with his son. Could they pick up where they left off? Unfortunately, the answer was a resounding “no.”

Which is great news for Daniel. After realizing his new girlfriend was one stiletto short of true bimbo, he ditched her and headed to Hilda and Bobby’s wedding solo.

During her reception Hilda defined the meaning of true love as knowing someone better than they do and wanting to protect them. Daniel, who’s done that for Betty on countless occasions (and vice-versa) seemed to realize that he already had that in his life, with Betty!

Yes, it could finally happen, Betty and Daniel together! (Actually, it’s the way most versions of Ugly Betty from around the world have played out, so it isn’t too much of a stretch.)

Ah, Hilda! You’ve already got your man so in check, getting him to admit (without saying a word) that Justin is gay.

In a truly hilarious moment, the Suarez family planned a surprise coming out party for their youngest brood (complete with rainbow cookies, yum!) to let Justin know they fully embraced him for who he is.

Luckily, Marc stopped the festivities, explaining that Justin would come out when he was ready. And how nice to parallel Justin’s family support with Marc’s family disapproval, which made Marc realize that his own relationship issues stemmed from that.

And now we’re back to Tyler, whose drinking has turned him to raging bull (seems like you’ve met your match in a bottle of Jack Daniels, Wilhelmina!).

He stormed in on Claire, demanding his shares of the Meade fortune and when Claire refused, Tyler turned it into a life or death situation, literally. Let’s just hope that Wilhelmina (or whatever was shot) survives.

Catch the series finale of Ugly Betty Wednesday, April 14 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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