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Unexpected’s Gail Bean Dishes On Her Film, Career and Cobie!

By   |   July 27, 2015   |   Gals On The Town

It’s #MainEventMonday! The DivaGals already introduced you to film newcomer Gail Bean, who stars in the touching indie feature Unexpected. She plays Jasmine, a teenager who learns she’s pregnant the same time her teacher learns she’s expecting. Get to know more about this rising star in our exclusive interview below!

How did you get started as an actress?

I always wanted to be entertainer. When I started at five in ballet, I loved it. My mother said at my first performance, I run out of stage and fall, but I get up and blow the crowd a kiss! I’ve always loved to perform. I did co-ed cheerleading competitions, softball, basketball, track and of course in school I did theater. Probably about five years ago, I decided to take my acting career seriously. I moved to Los Angeles from Georgia and I’ve been there for about a year now.

You play Jasmine, who is based on a real-life person. Did you get to meet her?

Yes, and she’s doing really well. She’s not with the father of her child, but they co-parent. She’s really mature, and I feel that I captured and embodied her strength and her love for just surviving and making a life for herself and her child. She’s also really fun.

How I Met Your Mother alum Cobie Smulders, who is a real-life mom, is your co-star. Did she give you any advice on “being pregnant?”

She always checked in on me, which I appreciated. And I checked in on her since she was really pregnant while we filmed the movie. She gave me advice about acting and we talked about life because at the time we were both in long distance relationships. I was in L.A. and my boyfriend was back in Georgia. Her husband Taran Killam is on Saturday Night Live and was living in New York City. We talked about the script and our characters and their relationship, along with vacation spots and places to visit. On the very first day, I wanted to read to lines but I didn’t want to bother her, and she came to run lines with me! I felt like I’m not alone in this, just like Jasmine.

Why is this story important?

There are so many themes in it. I feel it’s great for people to know it doesn’t have to be about race. There are so many other things in life that people are going through. This is about relationships and friendship and new bonds, with your child and with yourself. This film does a lot of self-exploring of whom you are and the person you are about to become. In the society we live in, we need that.

Such a great point!

And it’s a girl power film. Andrea Roa is our producer; Dagmar Weaver-Madsen is our D.P.; director Kris Swanberg and Megan Mercier are our writers. They keep saying not enough roles for women in Hollywood. This shows you can be the producer, the director, the writer — it inspires women to create work.

What are some of your favorite beauty routines?

I have really big lips and I was teased as child, so now I embrace them by wearing lipstick. Even if it’s just a clear lip gloss, they are way too big to be dry (laughs). Earrings are a must. I have this amazing YSL mascara, which is perfect. I’m not that good with makeup, but I can put on mean mascara and eyeliner. I’m really good at that!

Your personal style secrets?

My go-to store is Sheikh Shoes for sandals and sneakers. I’ll put on a heel, but I’m totally fine with sneakers. I used to work there, and I have to thank them because they kept me afloat while I was doing my acting thing ΓÇô let me off to go to Chicago to film and to Sundance. My style is cute, classy and sometimes hot mess cute! I do sexy simple sexy cause I’m little. Shoes and weave are a must!

Catch Gail in Unexpected, currently playing in select theaters.

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