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WATCH THIS Kevin Daniels Is Back on Sirens!

By   |   January 19, 2015   |   Entertainment

TV contributor Angela Yvonne gets the scoop on Kevin Daniels’ new season of Sirens.

Sirens is back on USA. So why are us DivaGals watching? Two words: Kevin Daniels! He’s back with his two paramedic partners to cause EMT shenanigans in Chicago in this Denis Leary and Bob Fisher comic series.

I had the opportunity to go on set in the Windy City and see what it takes to make my new guilty pleasure. Kevin plays Hank St. Claire, an openly gay sports fanatic that does not let his sexuality define who he is or what friendship bonds are, so cool! Kevin spoke with us of the importance of his character’s sexuality not being the focus; who is the funniest of the series’ three stars and who he would love to guest star on the show!

Most shows portray the gay character as being very flamboyant, over the top and dramatic. How important was it for you to play Hank as not the typical gay friend, but just a guy who happen to be gay?

That is what is so great about the writing. You didn’t find out he was gay until like the second episode, and it wasn’t a big deal. Hank is an ex-marine who loves sports; he’s a guyΓÇÖs guy, and oh by the way, he is gay. I play another gay character on Modern Family and he is opposite of Hank. He loves clothes and style! (Laughs) We also touch on being asexual, so I appreciate the fact that it represents reality, and no one is left out.

Talking with you and the rest of cast, the chemistry between you three is evident!

Oh yes. The writers see that, and now they are writing it more into the show. But in truth, we really canΓÇÖt stand each other (laughs). I kid.

Who would you love to guest star on the show?

Andy Kindler who does a voice on Bob’s Burgers would be so great. Wayne Knight, Newman from Seinfeld, has joined our show and he’s hilarious. I couldnΓÇÖt do my lines because I was laughing so hard. Aya Cash (Wolf of Wall Street) was amazing as well.

Who is the prankster on set?

Kevin Bigley, who plays Brian, is so funny. He has opened the doors and just thrown an open can of soda in the room and closed the door. Mike Mosley, who plays Johnny, he does this bit where he pretends to be an agent and it is so funny. We really have a great time.

What would you tell someone about the show if you never seen the show?

It is a surprisingly funny adult comedy that is about friends in the world of EMTs.

Any advice from that Denis Leary?

The PG version? Stay grounded and do your work!

Sirens, season two, returns Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. on USA network.

photo credit: USA Network

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