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Lauren Lake is a formidable woman. The lawyer-turned-legal analyst of the newly named Lauren LakeΓÇÖs Paternity Court shares so many life lessons during our candid talk that it’s hard to contain it all in just one interview. So we’ve broken it up into two! Read on for more.

Explain your show’s concept to us.
It’s a court show/talk show hybrid ΓÇô a talk show in a courtroom setting. Families come into our courtroom with a story that revolves around some kind of paternity secret. It’s an obstacle we as a courtroom help them overcome.

Is it just about newborns and toddlers?
Actually, the people in our courtroom range from grown children who still want to know who their father is, or women who want to sue and bring two or three men to court because they want to know, to even men who are bringing women to court who say, “I donΓÇÖt believe this is my child and she wonΓÇÖt confirm it.” We explore what got you to this place that you really donΓÇÖt know who your childΓÇÖs father is. WeΓÇÖve even had grandparents come to court over the living legacy of a deceased son.

How do you handle the cases?
As a courtroom we try to help them resolve this differences and try to get them through that first “aha” moment of whether you or are you’re not related. The hope on our show is getting to that next level: how will you live better now that youΓÇÖve walked through this courtroom. Are stories are real, and our people are real. It can get very colorful.

Tune in next week for PART II of our interview! Lauren LakeΓÇÖs Paternity Court, season 2, begins today. Check local listings for station and times.

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