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We know you’re dying to see Empire‘s second episode of the season. We’ve seen it, and trust us, it’s gooood! And tonight, there are a few special guests, including TV personality Sharon Carpenter!

You may have caught Sharon on ARISE 360, interviewing our fearless E-I-C Delaina Dixon on The Color Of Beauty Awards, or on VH1’s docuseries The Gossip Game. Now she’s playing herself, doing an interview of one of the Lyon kings.

We spoke to Sharon about her guest spot, working on a reality show and

Catch her tonight on Empire, Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. on FOX!

Tell us about your Empire role tonight!

I basically play myself on the show. IΓÇÖm an interviewer and I sit down with the stars on the show. It was really exciting! They actually reached out to me for the role, so of course I took it! IΓÇÖm a huge fan of the show and even my family in England is a huge fan.

How did you prep for your role on Empire?

Well, it was definitely a different experience for me, but I felt very comfortable. When I walked on the set, they had a trailer ready for me with my name on it, which was nice! I was a little bit nervous, but I spoke with the writers and producers of the show and they told me to just be myself and itΓÇÖs ok if I adlib. Everyone on the set made me feel very comfortable. When I spoke with Lee Daniels, he said “You know, I was so scared you were going to f$*& up. But you did a great job and I was very proud!” I was so glad to hear that!

Was this your acting debut?

Actually, no. I had a small role on a pilot a few years ago. It was for a show called Wifey on VH1. So technically that was my acting debut.

Would you want to act in the future?

I do have friends who are producers and filmmakers who have kind put the idea [of acting] in my head. After being on Empire, I do feel like I may have somewhat of an ability to act. As of right now, I love my job, but I think I may want to act in the future.

Of all your roles, which includes Revolt TV, Global Grind and reality TV, which has been the toughest?

Reality TV is definitely the hardest. I’m a really private person so it was really tough to put my life on display for everyone to see. But the thing is, I co-created the show. I originally wasn’t going to be on it, but the production team and I decided that it would be cool if I just gave it a try. It was an interesting experience … the camera crew was like family. They were always around. Every time I woke up in the morning to brush my teeth or eat breakfast they were always there. What I love most about the show is that the women on the show are career-focused… you don’t really have shows like that nowadays.

Was there as much drama off screen as there was on screen on The Gossip Game?

No, thereΓÇÖs as much, but thatΓÇÖs because we usually avoid each other off screen. We donΓÇÖt really speak to each other when the cameras arenΓÇÖt rolling. But the drama is very real.

You always look stunning! WhatΓÇÖs your beauty regime?

Well I have really oily skin, so I like to use powder. I do facials at least once a month. I use Neutrogena makeup wipes. There’s this product in the U.K. called Number Seven… it’s a makeup and cleanser line. It’s amazing! Any products with SPF are important, especially if for people with melanin! SPF is a must because it prevents wrinkles. It’s important to cleanse your face every night and moisturize. As for my hair, I don’t like to put heat in it too often. With my job, I often have hairstylists, so I always tell them to be very careful with my hair. I have them use the hairspray AFTER they put heat in it. I just don’t like to have all of that alcohol burned into my hair. I straighten my hair and I use deep conditioning treatments often.

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