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While us DivaGals love our nation, we know our country’s past wasn’t the kindest to us brown girls. WGN’s new drama Underground chronicles the lives of slaves suffering on a plantation in the South in the mid-1800s, and the brave crew ΓÇô including a house slave names Rosalee ΓÇô who know that freedom is a right, at any cost necessary.

Rosalee, played by Junrnee Smollett-Bell, works inside her master’s house, which means nicer clothes, a daily bath and a bed at night, but she hasn’t forgotten she is still owned by another. She declares this statement to Noah, played by Leverage alum Aldis Hodge, who is brought back to the plantation as a runaway slave. We’re also shown her declaration in a scene where she takes a punishment meant for her little brother.

Noah has the gleam of freedom in his eyes, so he begins to round up a group of talented slaves to make the almost impossible journey north to freedom, 600 miles away. It won’t be easy. There are bounty hunters stalking the freedom trail ΓÇô some whose intentions are not easily seen.

There are also brave white men and women who risk their lives to house runaway slaves on their journey to have their God-given right as free people.

While this isn’t an easy series to watch, creators Misha Green and Joe Pokaski keep some of the harsh realities of slavery just slightly off-camera, leaving a lot of “what happened next” moments for you to imagine on your own. Like any good drama, there are some creative plot twists. John Legend serves as executive producer, bringing a mix of period pieces and heart-pumping contemporary rap and soul beats to the action.

Underground reminds us how courageous our people were to fight for our rights. Every American should see it to remind us while we still fight for our rights today. #BlackLivesMatter

Underground premieres Wednesday, March 9 at 10 p.m. on WGN.

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