Things To Do When You’re Stuck Inside In A Storm (11 Is A Naughty One!)

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I went with my man (yes, the one from “90 Days to Husband no. 2“) to Florida for the Jewish New Year (hello lucky year 5777!). The idea was to see a few cousins for the holiday, check out some condos, do a little business and try to relax in between.

Of course being type ‘A’ New Yorkers, our idea of relaxing is often a form of vacation multi-tasking, which found me poolside with drink in one hand, phone in the other, with my iPad in front of me.

Paris Fashion Week and a family Bar Mitzvah were the original plan, but as you can see there was already too much going on! Of course, they may have been the better option, since Hurricane Matthew had his own agenda set for the week. Our appointment to look at apartments with ocean views was cancelled because the buildings in question had already been sealed with metal storm shutters and locked down for the torrent.

It was impossible to get a flight out, so with the childlike glee of a snow day, we decided to enjoy our way through Hurricane Matthew! We stocked up on supplies and bunkered down in a beautiful apartment lent to us.

The last time I wrote about a storm disaster, it was Hurricane Sandy. It left me displaced for three months. But this time I was not alone, and in my heart knew I would not experience the same devastation.

(In no way do I want to diminish the destruction that Hurricane Matthew bestowed on places like Haiti and the Bahamas. The following was simply how I chose to deal with this storm.)

Part of the time cooped up in the apartment was spent watching our democratic process, which now resembles a reality show. I was half waiting for Kim Kardashian to jump out from the back drop of the debate and yell “Surprise!” No such luck.

But back to the storm… I am embarrassed to say, I had a fabulous time! But it’s too much for this column…

So let’s be practical.

How to weather a storm in style:

1. Throw a party. You already have a ton of supplies. Why not invite over the neighbors and weather it with company. You can also help conserve energy if you are all in one venue. As I learned, with admiration, itΓÇÖs the local custom in South Florida to throw hurricane parties if you havenΓÇÖt been instructed to evacuate.

2. Catch up on work like I did, preparing my thoughts for this article.

3. Cook┬áa new recipe. Think of something youΓÇÖre never tackled in the kitchen while you’re in Whole Foods stocking up for the storm. Kimberly Snyder’s seemingly endless Beauty Detox recipes are some of my faves. Currently I’m totally addicted to the zucchini chick pea-less ΓÇ£hummus.ΓÇ¥ ItΓÇÖs hard to go wrong with more beauty and delicious!

4. Luxuriate in beauty time! Do a mask for hair and face. Do your nails. Do all the things that make you feel beautiful from home!

5. Read that book, the one been trying to get to for weeks/months? Even better, while your luxuriating in bed have your partner read to you as you sip champagne!

6. Stream a yoga class onto your phone. Stretch, breath, relax!

7. Dance some salsa in the living room and have your own private fiesta!

8. Turn off the noise of the news. You can see that it’s raining, can’t you? The best weather report is the one you can see from your window. Instead of TV, try conversing with your loved ones instead.

9. Watch a film to transport your imagination somewhere else away from the storm.

10. Snuggle up with your squeeze.

11. Have a sex-capade! Seriously, what else do you have to do with so much wind and rain?

12. And of course, the ultimate luxury, catch up on your sleep, glorious sleep!

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