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What’s the hardest part of Getting in Shape 2012? Knowing what to eat! While exercise is a huge important part of changing your body, you won’t see results if you haven’t learned how to feed it correctly as well.

So the DivaGals turned to fitness expert and cover girl Lindsay Messina – yep, that’s her pictured above – the founder of Perfect Body Online. Lindsay gave us her top tips on what to eat to lose weight and change your body.

“I recommend four or five small meals a day,” shares Lindsay. Here’s how Lindsay likes to break down her favorite meals.

BREAKFAST. No time to eat? Why not try a protein shake instead? “You can take a shaker bottle with you to work,” Lindsay suggests. “A protein supplement with unsweetened almond milk is always a good choice. It has higher antioxidents, is lower in calories and has zero fat, so this way you’re not consuming extra calories.” It’s also great for people who are lactose intolerant. More time? Try oatmeal with berries or egg white omelets.

LUNCH. People love to do tuna or chicken salad for lunch,” says Lindsay. “Instead of using mayonnaise, try incorporating some avocado or hummus instead. You’ll be getting your good fats in and a little bit extra protein.” (FYI: The DivaGals have tried Lindsay’s suggestion of mixing albacore tuna with hummus and it’s delicious!). Try your creation in a flaxseed wrap.

SNACKS. “Fruits are my biggest little snacks,” says Lindsay. “You can cut up some apples or mixed berries, put them in a Tupperware container and bring it to work with you. It’s really easy to eat at your desk.” Lindsay also suggests putting celery or crackers with a protein source like hummus. Ricecakes are also great, “when you want that crunch most diets are lacking,” she shares.

DINNER. By the time dinner rolls around, “you already should have eaten two meals and two small snacks, so you shouldn’t be that hungry” Lindsay says. She advises cutting back on fruit, due to its sugar content, in the later hours. “It’s better to have your nautral sugars in the morning, so you’re burning off those extra calories.” Concentrate your last meal of the day on dark green veggies: spinach, broccoli and kale are a few good choices ΓÇô with some really great proteins like chicken, salmon and lean red meat.” She advises avoiding starches at night (yep, that’s your rice, bread and potatoes!). “If you eat your carbs before 5 p.m., and have your proteins and veggies for dinner, you’ll see your body and physique change. You won’t be as tired, and you’ll feel energized.”

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