When To Make Up To Survive A Break Up

By   |   March 3, 2015   |   Relationships

Has something has gone awry in your relationship? IΓÇÖm assuming so, because youΓÇÖre here reading this post. You want to know if your man is worth fighting for. Should you hold on helplessly to your loved one in the hopes that theyΓÇÖll come back to you? Or should you move on with your life? Well, we got some advice for yah!

The first thing to do is assess your relationship. Ask yourself a few questions and be honest:

  • Were there more bad times than good times?
  • Were you happy?
  • Did he make you laugh?
  • Did you have the same goals, future ideals and interests?
  • Did one of you cheat?
  • Were you constantly splitting up and getting back together?

If you were happy in your relationship and you were well suited to one another, then it’s definitely worth fighting for. Don’t get us wrong; breaking out of a relationship that was unhappy and you weren’t suited is still hard. But you know it’s the right thing to do so you have to go through the motions.

Usually, relationships break down due to a lack in communication. One partner is missing something, but they donΓÇÖt know what. The key is to lay your feelings out on the table. DonΓÇÖt point blame. You need to consider your words very carefully. The worst thing couples can do when they talk is to bring up the past and start petty arguments that have nothing to do with the issue at hand. Try learning how to communicate better so that your talks donΓÇÖt always turn into arguments about the same thing over and over.

 If you’re not the one who has ended this relationship, then don’t do anything irrational for a while. Take some time to yourself to think. It might help if you learn more about the psychology of love at theanatomyoflove.com. Whatever you do, you can’t go keying his car or popping tires. Acting desperate and trying to convince your ex why you should be together is never the way to get them back permanently.

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ThereΓÇÖs only one thing you can do that stands a good chance of reuniting the two of you. Release him. Let him go. If your love is strong enough, and the two of you were meant to be, they will come back to you. Love conquers all. If you truly believe that the two of you had something special, just be true to your love for him and try to stay calm and composed. Texting him wonΓÇÖt work, no matter what you say. Turning up at his house to talk wonΓÇÖt work, no matter how much you cry. Just try to give it some time. If it’s meant to be, you’ll work out!

Now, the DivaGals are going to say something you might not like here: be prepared for it not to work out. Try to move on with your life. Even though you can remain true to the love you have for your ex, you must still move on. Go out with your friends and have some fun. See your family. Stay busy and do things you enjoy. Get a life. Never sit at home and cry.



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