Why "Sex" Will Soon Be Coming to Your TV Screens

By   |   August 31, 2009   |   Entertainment
Class is in session!

Class is in session!

You know the TV DivaGal has serious love (or is it lust?) for Sex Ed: The Series, a comical drama that centers on the antics of horny students enrolled in a sexual education college course.

It’s only a matter of time before this hot new concept finds a network, so I called up the creator, Ernie Vecchione, and director, Tamela D’Amico, to get the early scoop on all the latest happenings on the show-on-the-brink of ratings greatness. (TV DivaGal loves to let you know what’s gonna be hot next!)

Where did you come up with the idea to focus a series on a sexual education class? Did you take one yourself in college?
Ernie: No, but I had a crazy teacher like Professor Trevase (Joanna Cassidy) who told everyone to get out of the classroom if you didn’t like her teaching ways, and I thought, “I got to use this!” I started thinking back to my college days and how helpless I and everyone else were about sex and the mistakes we were making in relationships. Now that I’ve matured, I can understand what everyone was going through.

How did you convince Blade Runner‘s Joanna Cassidy to star as your unconventional educator?
Tamela: The thought of Joanna playing a sexual education professor seemed like a no-brainer. She just oozes sexuality. We sent her the script on a wing and a prayer, hoping she’d get past the first few pages of her would-be students’ random sex acts. She came back right away and said, “I love this.” Because she’s already out there getting the word out on sexual education, she thought this was a great idea.

Cougars are hot right now! Will Professor Trevase be jumping on that trend?
Ernie: We definitely want to explore that. There’s something in her student Dean, who’s kind of the campus’ male slut, which she finds irresistible. In the first episode, he opens himself up in the classroom and she just sees raw meat, literally. She’s going to play with him in the future.

Why is the theme of this series so important right now?
Tamela: As Americans, weΓÇÖre a pretty prudish culture, which is so odd because we sell sex everywhere. But we donΓÇÖt discuss it in a natural way after fifth grade sex class. I think if we discussed it more, even from kindergarten, we’d be a more healthy and stable society. Everyone is curious about sex and relationships in general.

You’ve pitched this to Showtime, right?
Ernie: In my mind, it could be for Showtime, or HBO or Starz. Those are three networks with great programming. Their shows inspire me to be bold and brave with my voice.

What did you learn in Sex Ed class?
Tamela: I think my last Sex Ed class was in the 5th grade. We were given a box of tampons, shown a graphic movie of a woman giving birth and then sent on our merry way. We went to the library and fought over this book called Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, because it had more information.

Ernie: In sixth grade our teacher opened up to the class and asked do you have any questions about sex? My classmate, one of the bravest guys ever, raised his hand and asked, “Is it possible for men and women to have orgasms at the same time,” and the teacher said yes. I think that set us all out on our quest and conquests.

Check out more on Sex Ed: The Series, here.

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