Why These Beauty Investments Are So Worth the Money!

By   |   April 20, 2016   |   Beauty

Hey DivaGals! This #LifestyleWednesday, we’re bringing you the best beauty investments that are totally worth splurging on. So break out your checkbook and read on!

Quality Foundation Brushes
If you want a Divaliciously flawless face, investing in a good makeup brush can actually save you quite a lot of money. If you use your fingers to apply primers, foundations, and tinted moisturizers, you wonΓÇÖt be getting the most out of the product. Similarly, if you use a sponge, it will be soaking up more than is going onto your skin. A good makeup brush, however, means you need to use less of the product. One foundation brush and a bottle of brush cleaner will save you loads on constantly needing to buy new bottles of makeup in the future. Alternatively, switch the brush cleaner for a soft baby shampoo instead. This great article on www.allure.com is just one guide to picking the best brushes for you. If you need to start somewhere, and only want to break a little of the bank, check out the bold metals line of brushes from Real Techniques, pictured up top. Effective, stylish and affordable!

Effective Skin Care
This doesnΓÇÖt need to mean designer moisturizers and weekly facials! Only the rich and famous have time or money for that. Good quality skin care is just as much about having a regular ritual and following basic rules as much as anything else. First up, the best way to look after your skin is to stay hydrated. Drink water ΓÇô it’s a free fix! You also need to be washing your face every night before bed. Ditch the makeup wipes and use a cleanser. A toner is a good extra, but if money is tight just go straight for the moisturizer. This should never be skipped. A good cleanser and moisturizer are necessary investments for good skin care. They could even save you money further down the line, as you have less of a need to expensive makeup or facials. Looking after your skin in your youth will keep it youthful, meaning no need for plastic surgery or facelifts in later life. Need some advice? This Huffington post article by Amanda Ellis can help with your technique. One of the lines we love? Sustainable Youth is a luxury line that cleanses and treats your skin to help it stay young and supple!

Dental Work
One of the first things that many of us notice about a person when we meet them is their smile. So what makes a great smile? It should be genuine, of course, and reach the eyes. The lips should be uncracked and unchapped. And the teeth beneath them should be straight and white. If you feel like your teeth are letting you down, investing in improvements will always be worth it. Whether itΓÇÖs a quick scale and polish or clear braces for crooked teeth, youΓÇÖll be glad you did it further down the line. Regular check-ups can also prevent the need for more drastic measures further down the line. They mean that a dentist is keeping an eye on things, and they will then be able to take action quickly if anything does arise. Find ones in your area with companies like http://dentist.24hourly.com.

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