Winnie Harlow For Me To We Jewelry, Which Gives Back To Families In Need (Ready To Make Your Purchase?)

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Recently, DivaGalsDaily had an exclusive look at the newest jewelry line in Bloomingdales!

Me to We is a company focused on selling trendy products that make a direct impact on a family, child or community somewhere in the world. From places such as Africa to South America, these products help bring better health, education and other essential resources to the communities that need them, while encouraging a change in the individual consumer’s mindset from “me” frame to “we” frame.

Me to We has teamed up with model Winnie Harlow to launch their very first jewelry line in the United States. In speaking with CEO, Roxanne Keilburger, she told us that Me to We, being both a charity and social enterprise, highlights the inherit skills in the communities they work with. Which is why the unique pieces in this line are designs inspired by the art of beading in Kenya, a skill that women in the country are taught at a very young age.

This collection includes pieces made of precious stones such as aventurine and amethyst. Each item has a unique meaning and represents something we all can put into the universe in order to make it a better place. The pieces are pleasantly affordable and the best part? Each collection item comes with a tracking number that can be used to see the difference made with each purchase!

We sat down with the beautiful Winnie, herself, to get some of her thoughts on this newest project!

WhatΓÇÖs the purpose of this Me to We line for you and how does it resonate with you?
Last summer I went to Kenya, and I actually got to experience the entire beading experience. I got to bead with the Mamas, I got to fetch water with the Mamas, and see the community that we are helping with all of these pieces. It really speaks to me because I’ve been there [Kenya], and I’ve experienced it. It was inspiring to see that these women were willing to work as a community to help each other, and just [left me] wanting to back them up and help them even more.

What is your favorite piece in the line and why?
My favorite piece is the Rose Quartz piece. My favorite colors are actually pink and gold! But aside from that, I love that it has two kinds of meanings: it brings health to these communities, but in return, the Rose Quartz also brings love and care into your own life. It’s amazing.

How is this collaboration different from some of the ones you have done in the past?
It’s extremely different because Me to We actually gave me the experience to see this project first hand. You know, I’ve been in a Sprite campaign, and yeah of course I love Sprite, but we’ve all opened a can of Sprite before! Me to We actually gave me the opportunity to fly to a different country, experience a different culture and lifestyle, and that was different.

How do you plan on wearing some of your favorite summer brands with these pieces?
I think that’s the great thing about these pieces, they’re easy to incorporate with anything! They have all the basic colors you would want to wear anyways,┬áblack, pink, pale blue, etc. You don’t really have to think about incorporating them into your everyday style!

Are there any more similar projects that we should be looking forward to in the future?
There are, but we can’t say right now!

The semi precious collection can be purchased now online and in stores at Bloomingdales, with the Black Jasper piece sold exclusively for a limited time!

photo credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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