Winterize Your Hair With These Hydrating Tips & Products!

By   |   January 22, 2018   |   Beauty

It’s winter and everything is dry, cold and a little depressing. But your hair does not have to be a casualty of the dropping temperatures, the hot office, the dry air in your apartment and the hot appliances (blow dryers, etc.), edge breaking and split end making┬áwinter hats and caps.┬á Here are the tips you need to keep your locks luxurious, hydrated, and healthy.

  1. Limit hot baths and showers! Just as too much hot water can dry your skin, the same is true for your hair. If you plan on taking a long shower or soaking in the tub consider using this “down time” to apply a hydrating hair mask. You can also make one at home: try mayonnaise, coconut oil, avocado, argan oil,┬á olive oil or even raw beaten egg yolks. Apply generously and tuck your mane into a shower cap. Linger in your tub or shower for 10-15 minutes. Rinse out with lukewarm NOT hot water to keep your cuticles closed. Closed cuticles equal hair that is stronger and healthier looking.
  2. Let your hair air dry naturally if your schedule permits. If not consider washing your hair a few hours before you go to bed. If it’s not dry before bedtime then give it just a little heat with a hairdryer – we like the RUSK Engineering┬áSpeed Freak Professional hairdryer – or wrap your locks in a towel overnight and wake up to dry clean hair.
  3. Minimize hair drying tool usage to about once or twice a week. You can extend the life of your hairstyle by using a lined shower cap when bathing, and wrapping hair or pulling it into a low ponytail before you sleep. And limit your use of heating tools, like your Brilliance New York mini flat iron to once a week.
  4. Use Protective hair accessories.┬áForget elastic or rubber bands; instead, go for silk or cotton ties that won’t snag or pull your hair. To keep hair away from your face use decorative hair clips. Make sure to remove them before you sleep to avoid excessive pulling on your sensitive hairline. We love silk-lined caps that are gently against your locks and make for an on-trend fashion statement. Also try colorful headwraps, turbans and silk scarfs.
  5. Wear Protective hairstyles: Limit the use of products and treatments that alter the natural kink or curl of your hair. Color-treated hair is not immune to damage. Avoid unlined winter knit hat and caps that can cause breakage. If you must wear a knit cap that is unlined wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on a wool cap or hat. Wear your hair in updos, messy buns and loose braids. If you like to wear your hair braided then makes sure that you ask your hair professional to be very cautious about the tightness of the braids along your hairline and edges.
  6. Add Protective hair products to your beauty arsenal. Hydrate and moisturize your hair with natural Shea butter. Wash your hair less frequently in the winter. Fight itchy scalps with water-based clarifiers to remove dead skin and stimulate your scalp.


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