Workouts That Will Keep Your Fit, Even When You’re Fighting An Injury

By   |   December 20, 2016   |   Fitness

Hey Divas! You’re probably planning some major workouts come 2017! Your new grueling schedule could lead to some injuries. While many people think that when they have sustained an injury, they should rest until theyΓÇÖre fully healed, so as not to make anything worse — this is the case in some situations — sometimes you can continue to exercise with low impact choices to keep fit and help you to heal faster. Depending on the type of injury, itΓÇÖs possible to isolate the injured part of your body but continue to exercise the rest. Try these programs on for size when you need to downgrade your intense routines.

Yoga.  Yoga allows you to stretch and strengthen the body without putting major stress on certain joints, as long as you avoid any moves that put pressure on an injured limb, and continue to workout the rest of your body. Those suffering from back complaints can use basic yoga moves to strengthen the core and open up the hips and groin area, which may alleviate some pain. 

Rowing Machine. This seated appartus is great for working your legs, arms, and core muscles. It’s an excellent high intensity, low impact workout. If you have the room, you could even splurge and get one for your home! Check out Best Rowing Machine reviews for choices and selections.

Swimming. Possibly the best all-over exercise in existence, itΓÇÖs not surprising swimming is so popular. ItΓÇÖs especially great if youΓÇÖre recovering from an injury, as there is virtually no impact, and the water supports the weight of your body.

Elliptical. If youΓÇÖve got an existing injury, ditch the treadmill and head straight for the elliptical. A treadmill, while still better than road running, has a certain amount of impact that canΓÇÖt be avoided, and could cause a lot of discomfort to aching joints. On the other hand, the elliptical creates a much smoother form of resistance that’s gentle on joints and still offers an intense cardio workout.

Cycling.Whether out in nature on in the gym, cycling is brilliant for aerobic exercise and keeping the pressure off your joints. If you want to go all out, you can always try a spin class, but youΓÇÖre perfectly within your rights to keep it as leisurely as you like.

Pilates. The perfect workout for both cardio and core muscles, Pilates is another stretching and strengthening programs that isolates smaller muscle groups for bigger impact. If you need to lessen your weights, Pilates may be the way to go. Look for starter programs on YouTube, or take a course with a professional at your favorite gym.

Hiking.┬áGetting out into the fresh air is great for any recovery process as it is, but itΓÇÖs even better when you really go for it. One word of advice for hiking with an injury, though – if youΓÇÖve got any sort of knee problems, try to keep your route fairly flat, as going downhill can put a lot of pressure on your knees.

When youΓÇÖre recovering from an injury, itΓÇÖs important to take it easy and not rush back to your full workout routine. When youΓÇÖre deciding on the workouts youΓÇÖd like to use during your recovery, itΓÇÖs important that you speak to your healthcare professional for advice, so that you donΓÇÖt do more harm than good.


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