YOUR WEEK IN PARIS. Make Your Travel Experience Luxurious!

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The DivaGals just spent an incredible week in Paris for the wedding of our dear pal and love expert Samantha Bessuedo Drucker – her new married name – who wrote our series 90 Days To Find A Husband, yes, you know you want to read this!

The first step of any memorable trip is the actual travel itself. We’ve got a few tips to ensure your experience goes smoothly, so you arrive relaxed and ready to take own your exotic destination.

Come Prepared. There’s nothing worse than rushing to get to your ride. Arrive at the airport early. Have all your travel documentation neatly together and easily accessible (tickets, passports, IDs). Flying first class? Then you’ll most likely have access to your carrier’s lounges where you can enjoy a cocktail (no more than two!) and a bite before your flight! If you have an American Express Platinum Card, you’ll have access to their exclusive lounges in select locations, as well as complimentary enrollment in the Priority Pass program, which gets you into lounges across the globe. If you’re taking a carry on, try the line from Max Mirani. It’s sleek, stylish hard-case luggage that can hold a ton.

Dress Not To┬áStress. Arrive at the airport smelling and looking your best in a neat clean non-clingy outfit that is comfortable to travel in. Watch out for outfits that are too revealing – they’ve been known to get people kicked off a plane. Remember, class attracts class. Please remember, no one wants to sit next to that person who has poor hygiene or overdoses on fragrance. If itΓÇÖs a full day of travel bring along a toothbrush and some mints. After a six-plus hour ride, you’ll want to brush your teeth! Try
Mouthwatcher’s Travel Toothbrush which is compact but packs a big brush punch.

Keep It Clean. There’s nothing worse than discovering something unexpected in your seat pocket once you sit down on a plane. So please, throw away your trash and wipe up your spills. Make it easy for the next passenger to enjoy the space that you previously inhabited. We like to travel with a ziplock bag with cleaning wipes to wipe down our surfaces — the seat and tray table — before we buckle up. Have hand sanitizer close by. A space that feels and smells fresh leaves you with the confidence of knowing that it is in fact clean!

Quell The Tea. No one needs to overhear the gossipy details about whatΓÇÖs going on with your squad, family or your job before the plane takes off. If you are speaking out loud and sharing dish, remember you donΓÇÖt know who is overhearing that salacious conversation. People have lost jobs, opportunities and relationships due to conversations that they ΓÇ£overheardΓÇ¥ in public places. If you want to spill some tea wait until you can make a call once you’ve landed, or better yet, when you are face-to-face.

Leave The Drama At The Gate. We’ve all seen less than human attitudes in flight. Now is the time to behave well and act like the best version of yourself. Control your emotions, even in tense situations. Whatever drama you came from doesnΓÇÖt have to follow you unless you want to create more of it. There are hundreds of people traveling to the same destination as you and hundreds of different tragedies and dramas that they too are working through. Sometimes itΓÇÖs all about you but today lets make it about a safe and good travel experience for everyone.

Show Some Respect. Be patient and understanding of the staff who are employed to serve you and over a thousand other people on a daily basis. DonΓÇÖt treat service staff as if they are less than human or equal. Be kind to everyone — you never know who you will meet on your path up or on your way down when you really need some kindness and mercy. Be generous with tips, compliments and smiles. Karma will repay you handsomely.

Eat Right. DonΓÇÖt make it an all-day buffet of bad food choices. Travel with an empty bottle through security and then fill it with water to stay hydrated in flight and keep your complexion looking dewy. Pack apples and nuts or seeds. They provide protein and fiber. You will arrive at your destination without the gross feeling of a day spent consuming pricey fast food and high-calorie snacks loaded with grease, chemicals and sugar. Plus, you will save money and you can sit down and enjoy a meal without binge eating guilt.

Stretch It! Long flights can wreak havoc on your body. Take a short walk up and down the aisle every few hours and allow your body to stretch. Your joints will thank you. If you have a short layover get near a window and get some much needed natural light and fresh air. This is also a great time to do a little meditation or prayer. Take a few minutes to quiet your thoughts and practice gratitude.

#NoSpaceOut. Don’t spend the entire trip staring at a screen. Bring along a book to catch up on your reading. Take a notebook with you and use the quiet time to journal. We spend so much time speaking and listening that sometimes you can become deficient in hearing your own thoughts and putting words to something you are going through. A long flight is the perfect time to connect with your own thoughts.

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