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YOUR WEEK IN PARIS. Things You’d Never Think To Bring To Your Hotel (But You Should!)

By   |   June 20, 2018   |   Travel

The DivaGals just spent an incredible week in Paris for the wedding of our dear pal and love expert Samantha Bessuedo Drucker – her new married name – who wrote our series 90 Days To Find A Husband, read it!

We learned a few things while spending time in the city of love – mainly, all the things you should pack to make this gorgeous foreign country feel a little more like home. Read on – and tune in all this week for our coverage of this amazing and historic city!

Our first hotel in Paris was the Ibis Paris Coeur d’Orly Airport Hotel. If you’ve never been to Paris, know that when the room states it can only host two people, they mean it! Our room was super tiny with two twin-sized beds pushed together. But it was clean and efficient, and the hotel has a nice little restaurant/bar on site. We did take note that the beds were only dressed with a fitted sheet and comforter (no flat sheet!), so if you need one, you better bring it.

Then it was time for our big stay at┬áAparthotel Adagio Paris Centre Tour Eiffel. Located in the 15th┬áarrondissement┬áof Paris, the hotel (pictured up top) offers apartment-like studios and one and two-bedroom spaces complete with a living room, a fully-functional kitchen with a mini-fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher. This will easily be some of the biggest accommodations┬áthat you’ll find in Paris, which was great for me and my fellow Diva in tow, and our room offered incredible views of the Eiffel Tower. Those are the positives.

The building is a high-rise, which means missing out on that rustic Paris city charm found in hotels built into the city’s historic buildings. And then there’s the air-conditioning – or lack thereof. Paris is an “open the window and let the air in” kind of town,┬á which can’t be done at the Adagio. And the air conditioner does not cut it. Keep it in mind if you’re planning to go during the warmer months. We’ll admit, at times, the lack of air was unbearable – we moved rooms after the first night in hopes of finding relief.

With that in mind – here are some of the things we say pack in your suitcase to make the trip feel more like home.

3M Hooks. There’s never enough hooks to hang your washcloth/loofah/jewelry. So bring some 3M hooks. You can stick them on the wall to create your own convenience hanging spots and easily remove them when you leave.

Extension Cord. We’re sure you packed your adapter for international use. Now pack an extension cord with at least 3 prongs. You’ll be able to charge a few items at once and have a little more wiggle room on using your phone while it’s charging.

Washcloths. Our hotels in Paris didn’t offer washcloths and when you’ve got a face full of makeup, you’ll want to wash it off. Take one or two in a dark color so you can get in that good scrub every night.

Firm Fruit. Pack some firm fruit (apples, pears, etc.) in your luggage that will survive to the other side of your trip. They’ll be great for snacks and salads, and to brighten up a room.

Atomizer/Candle. Speaking of ambiance, have a fragrant spray like Fabreeze or a candle with you to refresh the scent of your room and make it homier. Just be cautious if you do bring a candle and make sure to put it out before you head out sightseeing or go to sleep.

Paper Towels. If you stay in an aparthotel, you may want to bring a roll of paper towels. They serve as napkins and cleaning wipes throughout your trip.

Disinfectant Wipes. Of course, you should pack travel size cleaning wipes to give your whole space a good wipe down once you arrive to ensure its cleanliness.

Travel Blanket. The couch in our Aparthotel wasn’t in the best condition – make your travel blanket do double duty to cover up the dingy spots, and make it more appealing to sit on. Just remember which side is down so you can reverse it once back on the plane!

Poo-pourri. Traveling with pals? This one is obvious.

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