Zombies 3! Original Cast Members Carla Jeffery and Kylee Russell Talk About The Series… And What’s Next!

By   |   July 11, 2022   |   Entertainment
Zombies 3 Eliza and Bree

Disney Zombie’s 3 premieres this Friday! This is the third and final installment of the musical film series. DivaGalsDaily got the chance to chat with OG stars Carla Jeffery and Kylee Russell. WATCH!

What is Disney Zombies about?

The story revolves around the town of Seabrook, which experienced a power plant explosion 50 years ago that turned half the community into brain-eating zombies. Since then, the town had kept humans and Zombies apart — despite the fact that zombies learned to control their appetites with technical Z-bands. Zed, a zombie, helped integrate the high school when he became the town’s football star and fell in love with Addison, a Seabrook cheerleader. Together, they helped the town respect their differences, first in Zombies, and then with werewolves in Zombies 2.

Who do Carla and Kylee play in Zombies?

Carla Jeffery plays Bree, Addison’s best friend and fellow cheerleader, who is always there to cheer her BFF on. Kylee Russell plays Eliza, a Zombie who once believed her kind would never be accepted by humans. Her technical genius often bridges the zombies, werewolves and humans in their quests.

Watch as Kylee and Carla talk about how their characters have grown, what they’ll miss most about the Zombies movie, and why it was so important to be a part of Seabrook’s diverse casting. Plus, they predict the futures of !

When does Zombies 3 premiere?

Disney Zombies 3 premieres Friday, July 15 on Disney+. Catch the first two films on Disney+ now.

Photo credit: Disney Channel

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