SINGLE GAL Gets Mystified With Enigma Life!


Single Gal Nicole Ferrell brings a little of the mystical into her life! Hey DivaGals… if you’re into unsolved mystical stories then this is definitely for you! Enigma Life is a new website that showcases stories, articles, resources and live discussions about mystery and magic, perfect when your date cancels unexpectedly on a Friday night


DIVA DISH Celebs Tweet Their MLK Love!


Yesterday we celebrated the life of activist and humanitarian Martin Luthr King and celebs, who are just like us, shared their MLK love on Twitter! Here are some of our faves! Kerry Washington. Today is #MLKDay Post your favorite MLK pics, quotes, links and I will RT. May his spirit guide us all. Rashida Jones.


NEW YEAR, NEW ME Lose 10lbs In 30 Days – The Makeup!


Welcome to week three! The weight is coming off! Though we know that slow and steady wins the race, we’d love to look like the weight has come off even quicker. Thanks to Image Gal Samantha von Sperling’s latest makeup discovery from Real Techniques, we’ve discovered a way to fake a thinner us! Read on


DIVA DISH The Wiz on NBC? Empire Reigns For A Second Season!


FOX Network has found a winning monarchy. They’ve ordered a second season of Empire! Keke Palmer has a new gig, thanks to FOX. She’ll co-star in the upcoming comedy-horror anthology series, Scream Queens, alongside a recurring role from Ariana Grande! NBC just may ease on down the right road. There’s talks that the network’s third


WATCH THIS Kevin Daniels Is Back on Sirens!


TV contributor Angela Yvonne gets the scoop on Kevin Daniels’ new season of Sirens. Sirens is back on USA. So why are us DivaGals watching? Two words: Kevin Daniels! He’s back with his two paramedic partners to cause EMT shenanigans in Chicago in this Denis Leary and Bob Fisher comic series. I had the opportunity


GAL APPROVED WKD Whitney, Hart, Lopez & Demore!


WATCH. Whitney, Lifetime’s biopic directed by Angela Bassett, concentrates on the one thing Whitney sang the most about: love. This is the love story between Whitney and her ex Bobby Brown. And Bassett mainly chooses to paint it as a pretty picture: how they met and fell in like at the Soul Train Awards; how


NEW YEAR, NEW ME Lose 10lbs in 30 Days: CW Star’s Slimming Secrets!


It’s the half-point of our Lose 10lbs in 30 Days plan, and while don’t look like a TV star, yet… we’re on our way. We decided to ask a real TV star, Anna Diop, who’s featured in the cast of The CW’s upcoming supernatural series The Messenger, what she does to keep her body in


DIVA DISH! Selma Get Oscar Nod, Mariah to Vegas!


The Oscars have been announced. Thank god Oprah put out Best Picture nominee Selma last year or we’d have no reason to watch this year’s broadcast at all! At least Serena Williams didn’t go braless in Berlei! Even though she’s doing her first Vegas residency, Mariah Carey ain’t missing no meals. She celebrated her residency


NEW YEAR, NEW ME Get Great Hair!


Diva Princess Chanel Omari discovers the secret to A-list hair! Hey DivaGals, I am back in action! It’s a New Year, New Me, and us ladies need to get our hair shiny, fabulous and frizz-free so we’re feeling good! Have you ever gotten Brazilian and/or Keratin treatments because you want to get your curls or


NEW YEAR, NEW ME! Lose 10lbs in 30 Days – Get Your Curves Sexy!


We’re in week two of losing that 10lbs in 30 Days. Sure, we’ve been doing our weights, but we want our curves to look sexy, not bulky. I headed to Body Conception, the body-lengthening conditioning program created by Mahri Relin, a professional dancer. Her workout mixes cardio dance bursts with intense muscle sculpting moves for