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WE WERE THERE! The Apollo Theater’s ‘The Renaissance Mixtape’ Celebrates Black Communities

By   |   February 19, 2024

The Apollo is home to fruitful memories, spanning from Amateur Night to concert venues, right in the focal point of Harlem. Its addition to Black culture and growth is undoubted, and it continues to shine a light on the artistic…

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What To Watch This Week! Where is Wendy Williams? on Lifetime. Plus: What’s On Paramount+, A&E, and Netflix

By   |   February 18, 2024

TV Premieres We Love!   MONDAY, February 19 Becoming King Documentary Premiere (Paramount+, 3 a.m) A special behind-the-scenes look at David Oyelowo’s transformation into the Civil Rights icon in “Selma.”   MONDAY, February 19 James Brown: Say it Loud Series…

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Bob Marley One Love movie

GAL APPROVED! Movies To See: Bob Marley: One Love & Madame Web. Plus: Places To Be In NYC This Weekend!

By   |   February 16, 2024

Fill your weekend with these new movie releases. In New York City? Visit these cultural institutions and galleries for amazing art. Bob Marley: One Love This new biopic, sanctioned by the Marley family, tells the love of Bob and Rita…

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Yazmin Belo as Hossana Drake, Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds Stars Share What They Learned … And What They Wore!

By   |   February 15, 2024

The new BritBox series Three Little Birds chronicles the lives of three British Jamaican women who moved to the U.K. in the 1950s and dealt with love and racism, and finding themselves. Based on the real-life stories of writer/actor Sir…

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love sign

This Valentine’s Day Show Yourself Some Love. Our Image Gal Samantha Bessudo Drucker Tells You How!

By   |   February 14, 2024

Being single (or feeling that way in a relationship) is no excuse not to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day! Image Gal and our resident relationship expert, Samantha Bessudo Drucker, has some words of wisdom on why you should be celebrating…

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DIVA DISH of the Week! Usher’s Surprise Wedding On “Naughty But Nice With Rob Shuter”

By   |   February 13, 2024

Hey Divas! This week on Naughty But Nice With Rob Shuter—only on iHeart Radio—our fearless EIC and series co-host Delaina Dixon joins The 4-Word Answer author to discuss Usher‘s Super Bowl nuptials. Plus: The Naughtiest and Nicest of the Day! Listen…

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Teen Girl Meets Ghoul Love Story in Lisa Frankenstein: Our Divalicious Review!

By   |   February 12, 2024

DivaGals movie critic Caroline Cao reviews the new comedy-horror, Lisa Frankenstein Lisa Frankenstein is a likable film. It’s also Diablo Cody’s screenwriting comeback since the underrated Jennifer’s Body. That said, it’s not without its blemishes in plotting. Lisa Swallows (Kathryn…

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What To Watch This Week! The Space Race on NGC. Plus: What’s On PBS, CBS, and Apple TV+

By   |   February 11, 2024

TV Premieres We Love!   MONDAY, February 12 The Space Race Special Presentation (NGC, 9 p.m./next-day Streaming on Disney+, Hulu) The hidden black astronauts that made those iconic trips to the moon possible!   MONDAY, February 12 Gospel Series Premiere…

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Adidas BHM 2023

GAL APPROVED! BHM ’24. Adidas Collabs With BIPOC Retailers To Celebrate Black Women Leaders!

By   |   February 9, 2024

If you love Adidas and live in one of the cities below, you are so in luck! Adidas Cornerstone Community is partnering with five BIPOC-owned retailers nationwide to celebrate Black History Month and give flowers to Black women leaders who…

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Black woman gym_pexels-andrea-piacquadio-

New Year, New You ’24! Improve Your Health With 23AndMe

By   |   February 8, 2024

Want to know more about yourself from the inside out? 23andMe is a personal genomics and biotechnology company that offers a direct-to-consumer DNA testing service. You give a saliva sample, and 23andMe analyzes your DNA to provide insights into your…

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