10 Colognes Your Man Will Love This Valentine’s Day!

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Hey DivaGals! Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away, and you know you want your man to smell good! We have compiled a list of 10 colognes you can get for your man — from the warm and fuzzy to something cool and composed — so he’s as sweet on the outside as he is within!

Hermès Rocabar. For something fresh and light, with a touch of deep elegance, the fragrance that fits that description the best is Hermès’ Rocabar. Its fresh citrus scent is the first to catch your attention, but the light fragrance moves seamlessly towards a richer and fuller scent after a while. The mix of amber and cypress adds a lovely richness to the fragrance.

Comme Des Garçons Wonderwood. For the bold at hard, Comme Des Garçons Wonderwood is the cologne for the season. It has a lovely kick to it, with a forest-like finish. The nature vibe makes it a rather manly scent, adding a bit of traditional romance to your fragrance. It’s beautifully vibrant cologne to go with.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel. If you are a big believer in classic fragrances, then Chanel can never let you down. The famous fragrance maker has plenty of good options to choose from, but Bleu de Chanel is definitely at the top of this list. The scent is fresh with just a hint of musk adding a bit of depth to the fragrance.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla. Tom FordΓÇÖs Tobacco Vanilla is a classic scent for the classic gentleman. The rich scent of vanilla is spiced up with touches of ginger and cocoa, giving the fragrance a rich but fresh feel. The scent combinations are surprising, but they end up working well together. Furthermore, you can leverage some of the top Fragrancex UK deals to save on a range of Tom FordΓÇÖs fragrances.

Le Labo Bergamote 22. Looking for something unique and different? Try the Le Labo fragrances, as they are individually mixed from essential oils upon ordering. The fragrance is not your usual ΓÇÿkeep at bathroom cabinetΓÇÖ kind of mixture either, as the company recommends storing it in your fridge for best results! The Bergamote 22 fragrance is a beautiful balance of bergamot and grapefruit, providing you with a deep, rich scent for day and night use.

Odin New York Tanoke Formula Seven. If you are a fan of deep and smoky scents, Tanoke Formula Seven is the perfect pick. ItΓÇÖs a rather heavy fragrance, especially compared to some of the others on the list, but if thatΓÇÖs your style then this will hit the sweet spot.

Brooks Brothers Royall Bay Rhum. Since itΓÇÖs summer, you definitely need to celebrate the season with a Caribbean breeze. Bay Rhum is the most quintessential summer scent for men, adding just a right amount of crispness to your daily use. The cologne is full of flavor and elegance, making it the perfect choice for a relaxed gentleman.

Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. For the smooth operators, this beautiful fragrance is a must-have. The fragrance is a careful combination of amber, musk, vanilla and cinnamon. It has a rather festive feel to it, but nothing too heavy or overpowering to ruin the start of your New Year. The deep scent has a lovely manly attitude to it.

Blackbird Pipe Bomb. MenΓÇÖs fragrances tend to be on the deeper end of the scale, often opting for the musky richness as the base. But if you donΓÇÖt mind adding a bit of sweetness to your life, then BlackbirdΓÇÖs Pipe Bomb is a fantastic pick. The warm amber creates a great base layer for the scent, with slightly sweeter scents hitting you later on. The fragrance is warm and fuzzy, with something surprising in it. ItΓÇÖs hard to do justice for the unique cologne, so you have to better try it.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Mania for Men. Finally, you canΓÇÖt have a list of great colognes for men without mentioning Giorgio Armani. The classic fragrance creator has plenty of great colognes to choose from, but the Beauty Mania for Men is definitely a topical choice. The musk and amber base create a rich, handsome scent, with the green mandarin adding an element of freshness to this classic fragrance.

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