ANIME NYC WEEK ’23!: Netflix’s Delicious In Dungeons Anime Film Is A Fantasy Cooking Twist

By   |   November 20, 2023   |   Entertainment

A knight, an elf and a hobbit lockpicker enter a Dungeon. Along the way, there’s likely a dragon to slay. Well, what if they also want to cook and eat the dragon? How will they cook and consume the dragon correctly? That’s the fantasy-comedy premise of the Delicious in Dungeon manga by Ryōko Kui.

Studio Trigger is one of the renowned anime studios out there. While the anime adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon (directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima; written by Kimiko Ueno) doesn’t hit as visually distinctive (yet) against the oeuvre of Studio Trigger, it still serves up tasty treats and luscious food from the most macabre of ingredients. The first two episodes—viewed at AnimeNYC—stirs up these promises of eye-catching flavors.

After being safely teleported from a battle with a dragon, the swordsman Laios (Kentarō Kumagai), the halfling locksmith Chilchuck (Asuna Tomari) and the eleven-mage Marcille (Sayaka Senbongi) must track their way back to the dragon before their teammate gets digested. Having no money to buy provisions, they must learn to kill and cook dungeon creatures to survive. They’re in luck. A dwarfen chef, Senshi (Hiroshi Naka), tags along to school them in the culinary arts of monster-slaying and cooking. Scorpion-broth boiled with mushrooms and a slime creature or an omurice basilisk egg never looked so plausibly tasty onscreen. What’s more on the menu?

Delicious in Dungeon is slated for a January 2024 release on Netflix.

photo credit: Netflix


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