You CAN Transform Your Body in 90 Days (With A Blueprint From Ask Sam!)

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You planned to start a ΓÇ£New YouΓÇ¥ January 1 (or second, after you recovered from your hangover!). Now here you are, a month later, and you still havenΓÇÖt gotten started. No fear, our Image Gal Samantha von Sperling gives you her own blueprint for a 90 Day Transformation Plan. ItΓÇÖs your year by design!

Hi Divas. Imagine your big picture, then imagine giving it all your energy in a momentous push for 90 days. Energy expended towards an aim produces a result. The outcome depends on the quality and amount of concentrated energy spent. I say ΓÇ£concentratedΓÇ¥ because life often pulls us in a hundred directions at once, and our concentration gets diluted due to restrictions on time. There are simply not enough hours in a day.

All our New YearΓÇÖs resolutions donΓÇÖt stand a chance without a project plan put into action: the body you want, the idea you have, the plans for your career and the love you deserve fade by ValentineΓÇÖs Day.

This year, give your resolutions a fighting chance. Come up with the design. Assemble a team. Outline the scope of work to make that design possible. Then plan out the projectΓÇÖs scope and… GO!

I had so much success with ΓÇ£90 Days to Husband #2ΓÇ¥ IΓÇÖve decided to do something similar and apply it to ΓÇ£Your Year by Design.ΓÇ¥ IΓÇÖm using my 15-plus years experience as an image consultant and lifestyle expert helping people have more pizazz and polish to become my own best client.

By emulating the person you wish to be you will ultimately become that person. When you put a plan in motion, things happen. But there has to be a plan and time devoted to the plan. When I wrote ΓÇ£90 Days to Husband #2ΓÇ¥, I declared it to the universe in thought, ink and action. The universe answered back by sending me someone amazing.

I have always worked with a team of trusted colleagues, experts, designers and coaches of various skills to give my clients the transformations and life makeovers they were seeking. Even those already at the top were seeking the elusive 10 percent to give them the winning edge.

I have a very clear vision of what I want the rest of my life to look like, professionally and personally. Transformation is already in process. Sometimes the process requires an incubation period. A year is a fair estimate for my plans to reach my goals. But I figured 90 days would get me off to a great start. As I share my tips, you might find some of them useful for yourself.

Now itΓÇÖs time to bring in the team.

Mindi Weinzaphel (@SayMindii) motivational life coach/speaker/beauty and fitness expert.

Michael T. Cole Instagram @michaeltcole5, creator of the M5 fitness system that delivers almost effortless results!

Angelica Molina (@AngelicaMolinaMUA) my fabulous assistant. Support is great when one is on a mission to get things done!

Tatiyana Kazaeva of American Beauty and Health Spa (
If taking care of oneself is important, a spa appointment is a logical first step to getting into the right mindset!

Get into the best shape of my life.

Give me an update.

Get my career goals in motion

Finish a very special apartment renovation with my new partner (the fruits of my labor from ΓÇ£90 Days to husband #2ΓÇ¥). Crazy but true!

White board wall in my office for a giant vision board.

Wunderlist task App to move me closer toward my goal.

Outlook to carve out the time to get those tasks done. Having a structure in place helps carve out the time for the actions necessary to achieve your goals and set yourself up for success.

Xerveo natural supplements along with taking their 7-Day Coffee Challenge as a kick-off! Ever wish you could give your unwanted fat to someone who needs the calories? Now you can! A pound of food will be donated to the homeless for every pound lost! Please join me in taking their coffee challenge. I strive to become a skinny bitch!

Kimberly SnyderΓÇÖs Beauty Detox Lifestyle.┬á I started it ten months ago and am loving it! It helps me look good and feel amazing. Her philosophy is basically you are what you eat, so eat things that make you beautiful from the inside out! Cleansing is ongoing. Her program also incorporates yoga, probiotics, a magnesium oxide supplement, “Detoxy Plus” and great recipes that I often tweak and put my own spin on.

Nobody does it all by themselves. We all get help from somewhere once in a while to support the hard work it takes to achieve great results. I donΓÇÖt cut my own hair or do my own taxes either. I learned from the ten years I danced professionally that good coaches are important to have a winning edge. We cannot always see ourselves from every angle and the slightest tweak can often make a great difference.

For the next 90 days IΓÇÖm challenging myself and I hope you will join me. LetΓÇÖs see what we can accomplish in the first three months of the year and what headway we can make towards our resolutions.

Check back for Sam’s weekly updates and tips and follow her on @SamIsPolished, #90Days and Instagram:┬ásamanthavonsperling.

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