FIND A HUSBAND IN 90 DAYS Round 2: Tip #3 On Finding The One IRL – Search In Unexpected Places!

By   |   October 11, 2018   |   Relationships

Hello Divas! I know you’ve been salivating for your latest dose of Find A Husband in 90 Days, round 2! Today, I’m bringing you tip #3 from top relationship expert Fran Greene (LCSWR) who has been sharing some great advice on meeting a potential soul mate in real life.

Fran’s authored great advice books like Dating Again with Courage and Confidence, The Flirting Bible and her newest book The Secret Rules of Flirting and she says you can find love anywhere – if you’re open to it!

So what’s tip #3? Search for potential mates in unexpected places! “The supermarket, laundromat, at the airport, while commuting, even at a funeral! The connections you make in places you never dreamed of can lead to the best of relationships,” Fran declares. People tend to be themselves while doing ordinary errands – and that may make for the most real first conversation.

Of course, I had to put her advice to the test. I was heading by subway to a New York Fashion Week event to celebrate Canadian fashion when I noticed a handsome guy staring at me on the platform. We got into the same car and stood at the same pole. I contemplated whether to make the first move when fate intervened. The car lurched forward and I was literally tossed into him. He grabbed my arm to steady me. I thanked him and asked where he was going.

A brief and lovely conversation ensued. He told me about his work (in education) and I told him about the event I was heading to. And then he asked, “What are you doing later? Want to grab a drink?”

Yes, we’ve seen this happen in the movies but never in real life! I said, “No set plans” as I mentally rearranged my evening schedule. He took my number.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a cute meet happy ending. An hour later, he texted asking for a raincheck and that was the last I heard from him.

Even though this sitch was a bust, it made me realize that there’s something to connecting with people in places you never think you would. I say next time you are on public transportation, sit next to the cute guy, and wait for a speed bump!




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