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FIT SUMMER. A Body Straight From The Yard with CONBODY @ Kimpton Ink 48!

By   |   June 27, 2018   |   Fitness, Food Fashion Style

Hello Divas! TV DivaGal here with my quest to try all types of exercise classes this summer and expand my repertoire to strengthen and heal my body and soul.

With that in mind, I found myself at the Kimpton Ink 48 hotel rooftop on the west side of Manhattan about to take ConBody. What is ConBody? This fitness trend is the brainchild of Coss Marte, who spent several years in incarceration. Yes dolls, this is is a real-life prison yard inspired workout!

Arriving on the scene I quickly learned that ConBody has some pretty devoted followers. One gal told me this was her first workout of the day; she goes to ConBody twice daily. Her body certainly showed it. ConBody founder Coss actually taught this morning’s class. He started us off with drills – jumping jacks, pushups, etc., the rock-solid basics that get you pumping. It was then drills across the “yard” in a series of sprints, lunges, crawls – pretty much contorting your body in a ton of different ways to push it harder.

We made a circle and did rounds of calisthenics in a wave pattern, adding on a rep after each person in the circle had finished a round. I literally thought the kid next to me was going to lose his breakfast – but with the mentality of what doesn’t break me makes me stronger, he persevered.

At the end of class, we all had to “bus our way” (per a low duck squat) to Coss and give him a high five for surviving our sentence and coming out better and stronger. It’s not hard to do the time with ConBody as workouts last between 23 to 45 minutes. Coss has a pretty clear vision of why he started ConBody and how he’s helping others – but I’ll let him tell it below.

Check out the next ConBody class at Kimpton Ink 48 (for classpass click here) on July 2. Learn more about ConBody here.

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