These Foodie Beauty Items Will Give You Great Skin!

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Hey Divas! You can have great skin, and you don’t need to wander over to the beauty counter for the skin care products you need. Head over to the food aisle and load up your shopping cart with these food items instead that will give you great skin!


We all know that eating fruit is good for us, and oranges are probably the best fruit of all. For starters, they contain vitamin C which can prevent the effects of aging on our faces through powerful antioxidants. However, we have other beauty tips when using oranges.

1. When your skin is feeling dehydrated in the hot weather, rubbing orange juice on your face will open up your pores and refresh your skin instantly.

2. Got problems with acne? The citric acid found in oranges is a natural way to exfoliate your skin. Regularly apply mashed-up orange peel to your blackheads and pimples, and you should reduce the problem.

3. Use as a body scrub. For hardened areas of your skin, chop an orange in half, and rub the fruit onto your skin’s surface. You should have smoother skin in no time.

4. For more sheened hair, prepare a homemade conditioner using the juice of an orange, equal amounts of water and a spoonful of honey. Apply the mix when you shampoo your hair, leave it on for ten minutes, then wash it away. Your hair will simply shine as a result!


The next time you are tempted to swat a bee, don’t! These incredibly thoughtful little creatures have not only provided us with the natural sweetener that is honey. They have also given us a wonderful beauty product, but be sure to use natural honey from the shelf, rather than the processed variety.

1. Moisturize your face. Rub a little honey between your fingers and apply it to every area of your face. Leave for twenty minutes and then wash it away with warm water. The result? Great-looking skin that will leave you glowing for hours.

2. Exfoliate your skin using a combination of honey and baking soda. Honey contains properties that can cleanse and hydrate your skin, while baking soda is a natural exfoliator that can get rid of dead skin cells. Mix two tablespoons of honey, and one tablespoon of baking soda, form a paste and rub it into your skin in a circular motion. Rinse well after a few minutes, and you will have radiant-looking skin.

3. Sort out your acne problems. Honey contains antibacterial properties that can prevent the unsightly breakout of acne from appearing across your face. Simply dab a little bit of honey onto affected areas, and you will get reduce the risk of those blasted blackheads from ever appearing again.

More Fruits

Oranges are not the only fruit (great name for a book title), as there are other fruits you need to load into your trolley. These are just some of them.

1. Cupuacu. One of the lesser-known tropical fruits, this delicious fruit contains the essential nutrients for great skin and hair. There are almost unlimited uses for this magical fruit; for a more detailed description of possible benefits, check out  cupuacu butter for all you need to know.

2. Bananas. Filled with potassium, these fruits are naturally good for your skin. Remembering to peel first, mash up the banana and rub it over your face. After ten minutes, give your face a gentle wash, and check your face in the mirror. You will be amazed at the results!

3. Strawberries. Your face may look beautiful, but if your smile is tainted by the coloring of your teeth, fear not! Strawberries contain salicylic acid which acts as a brilliant tooth whitener. To avoid the temptation to eat them, mash strawberry pulp onto the end of your toothbrush and give them a vigorous clean for a couple of minutes. You wonΓÇÖt see the results straight away, but continue the habit for a few weeks, and you will have pearly whites (and strawberry breath) in no time.

4. Avocados. Here is something you have probably heard already. Avocados are a great way to soften and condition your hair. As part of your normal shower routine, apply mashed-up avocado over your hair, and leave it for around 15 minutes wrapped in a towel. Then wash your hair as normal, and you will be delighted with how soft and shiny your hair has become.

5. Peaches. You want to have amazing skin, right? So you may as well use an actual peach. Simply mash it into a pulp, add several tablespoons of salt and olive oil, and make a paste. Get to work on the hardened and scaly areas of your skin by rubbing the paste in, then rinse away. Not only will your skin be beautifully soft, but you will also smell fantastic too!


You may have pushed the vegetables to the side of your plate as a child (and maybe still do), but you shouldnΓÇÖt overlook them. While it is essential you eat them for all the essential nutrients your body needs, here are two vegetables that you can also use for your beauty regime.

1. Tomatoes. Okay, people will insist on calling them fruit, but whatever your opinion on the matter, you want to use them if you have oily skin and acne problems. Cut one in two and apply the juice to a piece of cotton wool or soft tissue. Gently rub it over your face, and it will work wonders on your blackheads.

2. Potatoes. Another great way to treat oily skin. Cut in two, and massage over your skin for 20 minutes. The potato will absorb excess oil, giving you skin that looks fresh. They are also great for getting rid of those dark patches under your eyes, so there are clearly more uses to potatoes than eating chips.

Finally, there are some foods that are not great for your skin., so you may want to avoid these. Try the ones we mentioned above – they’re tasty to eat and good for your skin, so sweet!

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