Four Healthy Reasons Why You Should Hang Out In A Coffee Shop (It’s Not Just For First App Dates!)

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Love coffee? We hear ya. That cup of joe has become more than just a wakeup call in the morning. Coffee houses across the nation have become virtual offices for young professionals, a first date from a dating app spot of choice and if you’ve visited Starbucks Reserve in New York City, a place to get a post-work drink!  Whatever the reason,  we’ve come up with a few more for you to never stop loving your mocha choco lotto concoction of the week.  Cause girl, no one should come between a woman and her daily joe!

It’s Productive

The stats are in and they make for pleasant reading! It turns out the faint murmur of conversation and the low rumbling off coffee makers creates the perfect atmosphere. That’s why so many people are in a coffee house connecting airpods to a Macbook and ordering a single cup of coffee. Studies show that the creative side of the brain works at its best when it’s mildly distracted, like listening to a mom calm a screaming baby. Plus, the change of location helps because staying in one place gets suffocating and stifles productivity levels. By being in Starbucks, you’re more likely to get stuff done than staying at home.

It’s Social

Who wants to stay at home all day? The answer is nobody. It’s boring and gets monotonous after a while, which is why you crave a change of location. Your local java establishment is the perfect place to mix it up because there’s a high chance of seeing someone you know. When you’re grabbing a cup of Joe, you’re bound to get chatting with a friend who’s also getting her caffeine fix on and you catch up on the latest scandals. Yes, gossip does have its place – it impacts your perception of health and loneliness. Essentially, it boosts your mental health by making you less lonely.

It Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Home is comfy. It’s the place you return to again and again to unwind because it’s familiar. While this is a good thing at times, it’s also vital that you try new things and meet new people. When you do, it encourages the brain to work on another level because it’s stimulated differently. Your local coffee shop is only the start; once you get into a routine, you’ll try new things all of the time.

You Enjoy It

Never underestimate the importance of doing something you love. Sure, it’s not the most original pastime in the world and millions of people do it, but that shouldn’t put you off. Activities you enjoy aren’t easy to come across in life, which is why you need to cherish them when they pop up. Your mental health thanks you in advance and promises to take good care of you as long as you do it this solid!

The next time anyone gives you a sideways glance, you know they’re the ones that are missing out.

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