GAL APPROVED! Get Your Hair Back With Lutronic KeraLase and Dr. Downie – WATCH!

By   |   March 13, 2020   |   Beauty, Gal Approved

ENHANCE. TV DivaGal has been on an odyssey to reverse my hair loss. I’m all about shedding (pun intended!) light on something that many women suffer with and feel uncomfortable talking about.

Over the last few years, I’ve explored many options. And I’m so excited about this new service, Lutronic KeraLase, an easy, no pain, no downtime treatment that allows women like myself (and men too) to see visible results in just 12 weeks!

I met with celebrated dermatologist Dr. Jeannie Downie, a warrior on the forefront of this service. Dr. Downie suffers from hair loss herself, so she’s sensitive to the condition and is enjoying some of the incredible results her patients are experiencing. She shared why  Lutronic KeraLase is so innovative and could replace PRP in the battle against hair loss.

The service is a two-part procedure. The LaseMD laser makes small microchannels in your scalp. It felt like tiny pricks on my head, nothing I couldn’t handle. KeraFactor serum is then massaged into the scalp, which works seven-times better when applied after the laser service. It felt nice! The entire treatment took about 10 minutes.

There’s no washing of the hair for 48 hours after treatment. Dr. Downie suggests taking the hair enhancement supplement Nutrafol daily, adding deep-penetrating protein conditioners to your hair routine and refraining from scratching your scalp.

Watch Dr. Downie explain the procedure below and her tips for minimizing hair loss in the future. And tune in for updates on my own results!

Dr. Downie can be reached at Image Dermatology, 51 Park St. Montclair, N.J. Follow her on Instagram at @JeanineDownie.

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