GAL APROVED! Movies To See This Weekend (Docs! Scares! Romance!)

By   |   September 9, 2017   |   Gal Approved

SCHOOL LIFE. School Life is a new documentary about Headfort preparatory, a private educational institution in Ireland. Housed in an 18th┬ácentury estate, school life at Headfort embraces tradition and modernity. For nearly a half-century, husband John and wife Amanda, have compassionately shaped and nurtured thousands of minds in their own caring and authoritative style. This thoughtful and observant documentary also lovingly follows the lives of students enrolled in this stately Irish boarding school, including kids who come from Africa and the U.S. The narrative was a little confusing at first but we enjoyed seeing the students lives enhanced by an educational experience that is nurturing, holistic and ┬ávalues “wholeness and personhood before grades and accomplishments.” Every parent and educator need to see this film. #schoollifefilm

HOME AGAIN. This new quirky romantic comedy is a triple threat: its writer, director and lead actress/producer are all women. That makes sense as the film is about Alice┬áwho is separated from her husband, raising two little girls and turning 40. On her birthday night she meets three millennial men and after a night of drinking, they spend the evening at her home. The next morning one of them discovers that Alice is the daughter of famous director – and her mother is a famous actor of years past and he professes his admiration. Of course, our three young studs are filmmakers┬átoo and wind up living in Alice’s guest house (on mom’s smitten suggestion). This film is light and breezy with an older woman/younger man romance and a three man-childs┬álearning life lessons as they cohabitate┬áwith Alice. It’s a little impossible to believe any mom would allow three male strangers to live with her when she has young girls – but easy enough to put reality aside to enjoy the film. Our only complaint? This film is lily white! Couldn’t the trio of twenty-somethings had a black best pal or one of Alice’s friends be of color? We do live in a diverse nation, if you haven’t checked lately.

IT. We had a Diva Guy pal who saw it and stated, “It’s the scariest film I’ve seen in a long time.” Insane clowns who kill children? See at your own risk!

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